Research Paper on Group Identity and Leading

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Date:  2022-10-14


The paper researches on the role of exemplary leadership to a group. It uses the quantitative research method that involves four treatments among groups. The data is analyzed under tables and graphical presentations that make it easy for interpretation. The paper delves into the effect leadership has on behavior. The effect of leadership is felt on the followers through the cooperation between leaders and their followers. Also, the difference is distinguished in situations where a few or no followers share any identity with the leader.

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The research finds out that there is no impact of cooperation if only a part of the followers identifies with their leader or a section of the followers differs with the leadership. Also, there is a positive correlation among the contributions followers make with to their leader's contribution (Drouvelis et al., 2012). The limitation noticed in the research is that it does not identify the differences in which followers are treated and therefore may affect the difference in which followers contribute to the group.

The article concludes by stating that the major source of positive impact on groups is as a result of members identifying themselves with the leader's behavior. However, the members may tend to look up to the leader, and he or she becomes the most significant contributor. I believe that the impact of a leader on the people is mainly through the way he can motivate followers and give them a positive example to follow.

Who Makes a Good Leader? Cooperativeness, Optimism, and Leading-by-Example by Gachter, Simon; Nosenzo, Daniele; Renner, Elke; Sefton, Martin

The paper empirically follows up how leaders impact their followers when the effectiveness of the group and individual interest are disagreement. It delves more into the contribution of each player has on a task and the effect it has on a group. The paper also seeks to find out on the characteristics of the best leader and when it comes to producing the best leaders.

The experiments done in the research are through quantitative research. The problem identified is the fact that followers make positive contributions, but in some cases, they do not give the optimal contribution as expected. However, the contribution made by the followers is directly impacted by their leaders is highly significant. Experiments in the past reveal that some leader's contribution in the group is minimal and therefore end up in making the group have low earnings. On the other hand, other leaders contribute a lot and help their groups have high joint contributions (Gachter et al., 2009). The research involves experimentation which is dependent on following up the leader and their followers on the roles played by both subjects. Classification of the players is done mainly through grouping subjects by their level of cooperation.

The research finds out that most of the followers cooperate and are ready to equate the input their leader makes. Cooperation was classified into two categories; strong cooperators, and non-cooperators. The level of cooperation among leaders and followers is also determined by the level of trust among the group members.

In my opinion, the research is quite similar to many others, and the authors even admit the same. The research would have dug deeper into their problem statement and research a unique topic. The research merely seems like a generalization of research done by other people.

Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example by Hermalin and Benjamin E

The paper identifies the main characteristic of a leader as the ability to willingly and voluntarily gain followers. The paper researches leadership among organizations and how the decisions leaders make determine the direction of the company. The company presents data through quantitative analysis.

The findings of the paper show that there it is possible to build an economically thorough design of leadership that brings on board the main characteristic of leadership incorporates the presence of voluntary followers. Leadership is realized to come with proper methods of communication and accurate relaying of information so that that team members can appreciate her effort (Hermalin, 1997). Proper and accurate relaying of information can be done in two ways; through sacrifice to give full information or the by leading by example. The rate at which she worked hard also influenced how followers worked.

The paper proves that hard work and commitment of leaders directly influences the way in which members can work towards the organization's objectives. Each organization, therefore, has a role to play in ensuring that they get the best leader who can give a good example to the members (Hermalin, 1997).

Meaning of Referencing and the Different Styles of Referencing

Referencing is a vital aspect in academic writing that is used to recognize and appreciate the sources of information used in an assignment or research. (Gachter et al., 2009). The references are given when one uses someone else's words or ideas in their research. Any words quoted or any idea given from someone else's work is indicated through in-text citations and footnotes depending on the style being used. In the last part of the article, articles referred to are listed down in alphabetical order.


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Gachter, Simon; Nosenzo, Daniele; Renner, Elke; Sefton, Martin (2009). Who makes a good leader? Cooperativeness, optimism and leading-by-example, The University of Nottingham, Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics (CeDEx), Nottingham Discussion Paper Series, No. 2009-19

Hermalin, Benjamin E (1997). Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example.

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