Paper Sample on Ease Project Management with Clarizen: 4.6/5 Stars!

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Wordcount:  398 Words
Date:  2023-10-30

Project management can be hard and tasking, but with the help of project management tools like Clarizen, one can be able to plan, execute, and manage the whole process easier. Clarizen allows you to have real-time reporting, portfolio-wide visibility has collaboration, and document management tools that allow for mobile connectivity and are quite flexible (Bunner, 2016). According to Gartner, Clarizen has an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of five (Daradkeh, 2019). Most of the reviews from users say that Clarizen has allowed them to carry out local and global projects and has been able to replace tools like MS Project and PowerPoint. With Clarizen, one can use the available templates to build a project instead of starting from scratch, Clarizen is also simple and intuitive as compared to other tools. Most organizations use Clarizen for project and request management, reporting, budgeting, and billing.

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Clarizen has an over ninety percent score for many aspects of project management such as portfolio and project management, resource planning and scheduling, opportunity contact and contract management, budgeting and billing, and technology (Hansen, 2017). Clarizen allows the user to break down the project into manageable sizes and thus making it easy to handle complex projects. According to Harvard Business bosses spend forty-one percent of their time doing jobs that can be done by other team members, Clarizen allows for automation of processes, thus saving time. Clarizen is a full package as it comes with almost everything your project may require, like PM software, instant, and global reporting. Clarizen also makes collaboration easy by allowing for collaboration on a single work platform as it incorporates other apps like MS Projects and Slack. Considering all aspects that Clarizen comes with project management seems like an easy task. The project lifecycle that is categorized into initiation, planning, execution, and closure is easily manageable since Clarizen has features that take you through each stage and refer to these stages as process groups.


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