Konecranes: Assignment Sample

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Date:  2022-04-04

What BTL (Below-the-line) activities do you think a business like Konecranes would need to increase awareness about its new service offerings?

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With the use of the Below-the-line, the Konecranes would have to apply other advertising tactics to promote their products other than the use of the television, radio, print, billboard, and film. The kind of the below-the-line advertising that will be appropriate for the Konecranes to use will be trade shows, campaigns, and catalogs while targeted search engine marketing. These types of advertisement mode are the trends to be less expensive, and it is more focused on the market.

Since the products that are produced by Konecranes, which are only for lifting heavy loads in the ports and the manufacturing industries. The products produced by the company are not meant for the wide general public or domestic purposes, but it is meant for the specific commercial industries such as ports or those that are specialized in producing heavy machinery.

By using trade shows and campaigns as the modes of Below-the-line advertisement model, it will give a platform where the manufacturer will meet the targeted customers and have close interaction and demonstration of their products and services; while the catalog will be designed for the specific targeted market.

These Below-the-line activities are the appropriate ones for Konecranes since they are less costly and meant for the potential customers and increase the awareness of the new services they are willing to offer to their clients.

How can the shift in demand from reactive to preventive maintenance service be trained in the customer's mindset?

The shift in demand from reactive to preventive maintenance service can be trained in the customer's mindset through sensitizing the customers on that the consumers' purchasing behaviors may influence the price of the products.

Why is it beneficial for the firm to offer its services to its competitors' clients too?

All Businesses are opportunistic, and for sure, they will utilize every opportunity they have to showcase the services they are offering as well as advertising its superiority. Having an opportunity to offer services to its competitors' clients is a breakthrough, and it is most welcomed as the way to counter competition in the industry. The benefits associated with offering services to its competitors' clients are as follows:

Offering services to the competitor's client will be a platform to showcases the unique services that Konecranes offer in contrast t to that of the competitor's. If their services are superior to those of their competitors, then the competitors' clients will continue seeking Konecranes' services rather than that of the competitors'.

Secondly, offering services to the competitors' clients will signify readiness in service delivery; the client will be able to conclude that Konecranes is a stable and reliable since it is not biased on offering their services to the market.

Thirdly, offering services to the competitors' clients will enhance the company's reputation on the clients it has served and enhance its competitive advantage in service delivery.

Fourthly, offering services to the competitors' clients will be a way of advertising the company's services to the clients. The clients will be referring their business partners about the services they received from Konecranes, and the message will be spreading from the competitors' clients and to the relevant associates.

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