Essay on Creativity Crucial for Org's Success: My Experience With PHH Mortgage

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Date:  2023-02-21

Creativity skills are very crucial in the progress of every organization. When a corporation is intending to increase its revenue, it should concentrate its innovations on sales and marketing as the most crucial subjects. In the United States, salespersons constitute approximately 4.5 percent of the total population, which makes up to three million people (Stanton et al., 2014). I have been working in a company known as the PHH Mortgage. It operates all around the 50 states in the US and concentrates on creating and servicing loans and mortgages. Also, PHH had, at a point, engaged in other diverse ventures, including fleet controlling services and personnel transfer services.

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PHH is one of the leading loan buyers from small banks and also the principal contractor of home loans. The company has been in operations for more than 50 years. At one point, over 2000 individuals from New Jersey were employed in the PHH. However, PHH Company has been facing several drawbacks recently. The shortcomings have tainted its reputation through accusations of serious charges that have made it pay hefty fines to homeowners. Such challenges include conflicts with the federal presence such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), breaks with partnerships, and the 2008 market housing crisis (Shaw, 2014). The company's reputation has been damaged, whereby most of its clients view it as untrustworthy. Also, PHH has been applying obsolete systems of payment collection, and a majority of its customer service labor is outsourced (Stanton et al., 2014). Consequently, the company's revenue income has been worsening day by day due to the drawbacks it has been experiencing. However, PHH has been applying several methods to aid in rebuilding its reputation and increasing its revenue in the long run.

PHH has adjusted its strategies to sustain customer complaints as well as remain competitive in the current market. The company has reduced the number of business ventures in operation. For instance, PHH has eliminated most of its satellite offices, sold its convoy, and cut the additional departments (Stanton et al., 2014). I have been a member of the sales unit, which I can attest has gone through enormous alterations to accommodate the new improvements in the company. In addition to the modifications that PHH has been making, there are several other ways in which it can deal with issues such as client service grievances.

PHH can stimulate the loyalty and reliability of its clients by ceasing overseas hire of customer care labor. Hiring foreign labor has been a controversial issue in most political debates. A majority of the United States' residents complain that most of the local companies have ceased from hiring in the US (Shaw, 2014). Although outsourcing is cheaper for PHH, several complaints have been raised concerning the customer service delivered. For instance, some clients have reported that outsourced labor does not perfect in communication. Also, the employees are usually unaccustomed to the skills and policies regarding the company, which makes it challenging for them to deliver services that are satisfactory to the customers (Schniederjans et al., 2015). Therefore, if PHH starts employing the US citizens in the customer care unit, it would improve the services offered, which in turn would immensely increase its reputation.

Besides, PHH should train the sales departments and other units at the headquarters on handling simple dispatch requirements by clients. Such requests include submission of contact change data, checking balances, and making payments (Shaw, 2014). Hence, PHH will help the employees in broadening their knowledge and skills. As a result, increased knowledge will enhance the confidence of the workers in handling the customers. Also, training workers will help in offsetting the cost of hiring foreign labor.

Secondly, PHH has been struggling to uphold competitiveness by transforming how its salespersons operate. The company has recently adopted two diverse approaches to help advance the operations in the sales unit. In the first approach, PHH initiated the use of a call center organization that aids in placing outbound calls for salespersons. The call center then transfers the calls to the professionals that are licensed in that country to conduct business (Stanton et al., 2014). However, the call services are costly, and the approach appears to be a production of quantity over quality. Hence, in my opinion, PHH should use more of that money in purchasing warmer leads to help the salespeople find their target markets easily and make more sales.

Furthermore, PHH has been using sales training corporations and outside marketing to enhance its sales. Some corporations step in to train the experienced workers on new perspectives, different ideas, and new tips that can help in consistently improving their sales methods. As an employee of PHH Company, training is highly essential since the customer base and social environment are gradually changing (Stanton et al., 2014). Shortly, most homeowners will be younger than the ones paying mortgages currently. Therefore, employees need to have a customizable course that will quickly adapt to the structures and techniques of the PHH Company. The adjustments being applied in PHH will help it recover from the issues it has been experiencing and regain its competitiveness in the market.


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