Maximizing Human Capital for Optimal Performance in Organizations - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


Human capital is an essential resource for any organization. It plays a critical role in a company's productivity. The human resource department manages it by monitoring and planning duties and functions. When it gets poorly managed, a company becomes exposed to losses due to low productivity. Most organizations, through the human resource department, put up measures to increase their output. Performance appraisal evaluates the workers of an organization, and the gaps identified can be refilled by offering training to them. Training equips workers with new skills and knowledge on how to increase their productivity at work. This paper shows how human resource development training programs can be evaluated to ensure that they achieve their objectives (Werner, 2017). It also views the various stakeholders and their perspectives as well as issues surrounding training employees in the case of LensCrafters organization.

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Organizations have implemented human resource development programs, and some have not born fruits. It, therefore, calls for an evaluation of the programs to check on their effectiveness. Its evaluation involves a collection of descriptive and judgmental information (Werner, 2017). The assessment helps an organization in making decisions about the application and the methods used. Stakeholders involved in the program include senior management, trainees, trainers, and trainees managers. Senior management invests in training and expects returns in terms of increased production and return on training costs. Trainers go through training to improve their skills and knowledge of their job specification. Trainers expect that their teachings will be absorbed by trainees effectively. Trainee's manager or supervisors expect improvement in the work performance of employees from the training program.

Investigators undertake the evaluation process. The process comes with various issues in an aim to attain effectiveness. First, conceptual issues involve the purpose of the evaluation. Investigators should be able to answer the questions associated with the study when asked. It can be made possible by providing a suitable research design. Another issue is the cost of delivering an incorrect conclusion. An investigator can cause this error which will, in turn, affect the organization's progress. He/she can provide information that the training did not improve job performance when it did. It will, therefore, force an organization to spend on training the workers when they do not need it. The third issue is the availability of resources to fund the evaluation. Research designs vary in cost depending on the type. Research resources are time, money, facilities and subject of study. Lastly, the commitment, efforts and attitudes of the stakeholders in the research is essential for the effectiveness of the program (Werner, 2017).

From the evaluation, one can present to the top management, who are the stakeholder's evidence of effectiveness. The proof is in the form of change in productivity, employee behaviour at work and reaction to the training. The primary purpose of taking the workers on exercise is to improve their productivity. Managers see training as an investment where they expect good results. It is a positive sign of an organization (Werner, 2017). Cost is a measure of the effectiveness of training enables organizations to determine if they are growing or not. Method of collecting the data was the use of interview on workers, observation and test analysis as well as collecting performance data. The collection methods are reliable, valid and practical in getting accurate information for concluding the evaluation program.


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