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Catherine (Kate) O' Flaherty born in 1850 8th of February at St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Phral), was the second born of Thomas O'Flaherty who was from Galway Region and het mother was Eliza Faris, who came from St. Louis. The family of Kate on the side of her mother was the extraction of French, where she was brought up knowing how to speak English and French(Phral). In 1855 Kate joined St. Louis Academy at Sacred heart and completed in 1886. Kate went to the Academy of visitation for one year. She was a girl mentored by her great grandmother, grandmother, her mother, and also the sacred heart nun. Kate had developed a strong bond with all her members of the family. With Kitty Garasche, who was her life-long friend and with sisters who were teaching her in school.

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Kate's Early Life

During Kates' early life, she underwent a lot of trauma as she lost her father, who got killed on a railway accident following the collapse of the bridge in 1855 when she was around five years of age (Clark). In 1863 she also lost her great grandmother, whom she loved dearly as she taught her how to speak French. Kate lost even her half-brother due to typhoid and fever who was taken by Union Forces and was still recruited by the confederate army. From 1867 to 1870, Kate had been keeping copied essay passages, and she had recorded diary entries, poems, and some other writings which she had been doing. Kate made a slight sketch in "Emancipation: A Life Fable."

Her Social Life

When she was aged nineteen at the social event which was held at Oakland near St. Louis, a wealthy estate, Kate comes across Oscar Chopin, who came from Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. The father of Oscar was from French but had his family in Europe all through the Civil War. They wedded in 1870 when Kate was 20 years, and the couple went to New Orleans, where from 1871 to 1879, they got six kids, five sons, and one daughter.

The Chopin's moved to Coulterville in 1979 after Oscar shut his business in New Orleans due to financial instability(Wyat). In Cloutierville, Oscar had bought an all-purpose store before he passed away because of malaria in 1882, leaving Kate as a widow when she was 32years. She never remarried but took the accountability of the six children. Kate then went with her children to St. Louis, and she initiated a more productive cultural life, and her children also got better schools. After a short period, in 1885, Kates' mother also died.

In 1889, Kate started creative writings, where one of her landings was seen at St. Louis Post Dispatch. Kates' initial novel was printed privately in 1890, which was named, "At Fault." This book talked of a Catholic widow at 30s in affection with a male who is divorced (Clark). At Fault gives a compelling sign of what was going through her mind when she started her career in writing.

Chopin later completed her additional novel, which would have been named "Young Dr. Gosse and Theo." Still, she, unfortunately, did not get a publisher, which led to the destruction of the manuscript later. Chopin became vibrant in St Louis cultural circles and literary as she discussed many writers' works, such as Friedrich Hegel, George Wilhelm, and Emile Zola, among others. She had named her daughter Lelia seemingly after one writers' 1883 novel title, whose name is George sand. After a decade or so while keeping an active social life, Chopin wrote "A Point at Issue" in 1889 and wrote another in 1891 called "A No- Account Creole." She also wrote, "Beyond the Bayou," which is the youngsters' story, among other stories (Clark). Five stories "among her other stories were seen in the national and local magazine, comprising harper's young society and Youths Champion.

In 1892 she further went on and composed "Desiree's Baby" and made a little drawing of "Ripe Figs" in the same year "At the Canadian Ball" give the impression of 2 tales, and eight more stories were printed. The following year she "Madame Celestin's Divorce," with thirteen more stories being printed. Chopin went to Boston and New York to look for a novel publisher, a group of accounts. She wrote "Her Letters" and "Lilacs." "A Respectable Woman" and "The Story of an Hour" appeared in fashion. Then Houghton Mifflin printed Bayou Folk and a set of 23 more of Chopin's stories.

In the same year, Chopin traveled to Indiana to attend a meeting of the Western Association of Writers, which was held there and printed in critic an essay talking about her skill. The article gives a rare perception of what she thinks concerning writing and writers. Chopin wrote, "Fedora" and "Athenaise," including twelve more stories which were printed. In 1896, penned, "A Pair of Silk Stockings" together with "Athenaise" being printed during the Atlantic month. In 1897 she worked on "The Awakening" and ended it in 1898 (Clark). "The storm "is also another short story that Chopin wrote in 1898, but she never sent it to publishers due to its sensual content. Kate Chopin was recorded as the first female writer in her Nation to take passion seriously for the authentic theme and outspoken literature.


In conclusion, Kate Chopin credited a time voucher for the well-known St Louis World's Fair in 1904 and it near her home. On Saturday of August, 20th was very hot compared to other days during that summer when Kate Chopin came home very tired from the fair. At midnight she called her child suffering from headaches, and doctors thought that Chopin was suffering from a cerebral depletion. Kate Chopin lapsed into a coma the following day, and on the 22nd of August, she died. Later Chopin was suppressed in Calvary graveyard in St. Louis.

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