Jordan and Josh: Identical Twin Brothers Basketballers - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-16


A happy family is what many people want, and children who grow in such families become responsible and respectable people in the society. Parental love and care mean everything to the children in the family. Jordan and Josh are identical twin brothers who are basketballers though Josh is a solid one (Alexander, 2014). They have been playing for a very long time. They seem to have inherited this from their dad, who used to be a good ballplayer. He played it professionally, where he earned jewelry and sound money (Alexander, 2014). Josh is the narrator making him the main character in this novel and his parents are happily married. Josh's father loves spending quality time with his family (Alexander, 2014). The functional relationship between him and his sons is portrayed where he listens to jazz music with josh and even gives him the nickname, Filthy McNasty.

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Josh's parents have a good relationship with their children, and they allow the kids to follow their dreams. They spend quality time with the children. Josh is an obedient son and heeds his mother's idea of cutting off his locks even when it makes him unhappy. When his brother gets into a relationship with a girl, josh remains lonely, what makes him feel left out (Alexander, 2014). He feels the love Jordan had for him is all gone what makes him jealous. Following the evidence he found about why his dad quit basketball, Josh spends most of his lonely moments keeping an eye on his parents (Alexander, 2014). He is a caring son and is worried about his father's health. Unlike Jordan who spends his quality time with the girlfriend, josh cares for his family more than anything.

I belong to a happy family, and my parents are happily married. They love my siblings and me equally since they give us whatever we need. Since my childhood, I have never witnessed my parents argue before us ever and they always guide us to the right path. My mother being a staying home mother spends quality time with us and engages us in several activities within the house. As for my dad, he is rarely at home following his business trips but still, he creates time for us mostly during the holidays. Unlike Josh and Jordan, my siblings and I have different hobbies. My younger brother loves football, and my sister loves music while I love reading and writing novels. We all have different interests but still support each other in every way possible. My brother and sister are the best friends I have and I can't imagine being separated from them.

Whenever my sister goes for her concerts and my brother out in the field, I usually feel lonely. I spend time with my mother at home, where we watch movies together when taking a break from studying. At times I feel jealous whenever I see my siblings happily chatting with their friends since I always want them to spend time with me. When my sister first got into a relationship with her fellow musician, I felt like she is gone forever. Even though she spared some of her time to spend with us as a family, it was never enough for me. Just like Josh, I wanted her to spend time with us like before. Dad is a hardworking man who ensures we have all we need at our disposal. Even after being diagnosed with a lung problem, he never stopped providing for us. Mother always worried about everyone in the family, is ever disturbed with dad's health. She keeps advising him to reduce the workload. As the second born and the eldest son of the family, I had a lot of responsibility towards my family. With two busy and outgoing siblings, it was never easy for me.

The book has taught me a lot about life. First, I come to realize that change is a must thing, and the earlier I accept it, the better. Things can never be the same throughout your life. At some point in life, things have to take a different direction. Just as it happened when my sister got into a relationship, she became different for me since we never spend as much time as we used to before. I felt like she drew from us and was giving much attention to her boyfriend. What I failed to understand is that she had more responsibilities than before since she has to devote herself to both sides. It is true that as we move from one stage in life to the other, things tend to change and our priorities also shift. People have to create new relationships, depending on those they spend much time with as well as what they do. The relationship that existed between josh and Jordan was fantastic. They both loved basketball and even belonged to the same team that made them spend time together all the time. The parents also had a good relationship with them and supported them where necessary. Josh belonged to a great family full of joy and happiness, a family that every adolescence will be happy to have in this life.


Alexander, K. (2014). The crossover. Retrieved from

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