The Way to the West Book Review Paper Example

Paper Type:  Book review
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Date:  2022-09-26

The way to the west book by Elliot west is a poignant history about the Anglo pioneers and Indians immigration. Elliot West reveals the hardship and complexity of the migration between the environment and people at entirety. In this particular book, the author Elliot West diverts his attention to surrounding, animals, and people's families. The region he focuses on is the Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado. He reveals what people's faces on migration from the environment. The author reveals an abnormal situation described as "web interaction" from the environment. The interaction occurs because of competition and reliance of Native American towards hunting of the bison. The whites and the native Americans from the environment seemed to struggle for the grasses and resources provided by nature in a limited capacity. Not all is what is expected from Elliot West he finally defines families, land, and stories from the central plains as the object of stories according to the political interactions and microclimates.

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Eventually, the environment is viewed as the multiple views from the Central Plains and the surrounding inhabitants. Elliot encounters different understanding and perception of history and starts to notice that maybe what he had from historical stories is vague. Whatever he had from was different from what he experienced in the immigration. The short grasses n the environment were not as nearer like the river-over. Elliot says that he could spot a thing fifty yards away, those were the month to fewer bison hunting. Also, the Indians who were said to have the most significant number splinted into small groups and distributed down the valley. From such scenario (Sackman, D., 1998). , West described history as the congregation of sub-regions. Things got worse and complicated while in the central plains, that had valleys and rivers, whatever they had from history was mere stories.

Further, Elliot describes that they were forced to get into the limited areas that comprised of large homes. However, they discovered that those plains were better places to live. The environment encounters were just what the Cheyennes encountered in the central plains as explained by West. Diseases were among problems faced by Cheyennes in the plains in their bid to hunt and make a living. The entire migration marked the most significant immigration from 1841 since then, women and children struggle to have their way up the Platte valley. The two central development the Overland flow and the Indian emigration were the most familiar with the western history, contrary to historical stories had by Elliot West and his group.

The emergence of the Indians and the whites formed the new invaders in the territory and the new arrivals in the plains. They had their animals with them at this particular time; The author's group faced difficulties and the hardest times in their lives. They all learned that if an individual or a group need to chase opportunities in other peoples territory, then they have to adopt the life that belongs there. The Native Americans and other people living in the cities like Kansas all had that sort of life until they settled (Sackman, D., 1998). Traders and military strong military forces sparked from the group, and all formed a robust community since then; these included people from the USA who trade in that particular area.


Sackman, D. (1998). Review of: The Way to the West: Essays on the Central Plains by Elliott West.

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