Event Organizing

Date:  2021-03-06 22:29:18
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While we were working on the event, we possessed both quality and enthusiastic points. The good points were, however, more compared to the negative ones. Among the first things that we had to do was to coordinate every single thing by assigning team members different roles and tasks. The role of preparing the product was assigned to Anna and me. We performed the task quickly and within no time, we had completed our work. Among the positive considerations is the fact that we did not experience any challenges when carrying out the task since it was simple to execute and required minimal time to complete. The duty to organize the venue and that of advertising the event was given to Vladimir and Iaroslav. Similarly, no challenge was experienced while preparing the site and, therefore, Vladimir and Iaroslav were able to conduct and complete their assigned task quickly and with ease.

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During the times when our stock of products was depleted, we were able to restock within a short span of time by creating more products. Also, due to the uniqueness of our product in the existing markets, many customers preferred the product, and this made it easy for us to attract and retain a vast number of clients. As a result of the large customer base that we had attracted, we were able to achieve the interests of the team, increase our sales volume and increase our sales revenue within a short time duration .We also managed to save ourselves the burden of having to do a lot of cleaning after we are done with selling by not using too many materials and unnecessary equipment at the venue. All we needed to do is collect the plates that had been left at the venue and dispose them off.

We managed to uphold teamwork throughout the event time which helped made it easy for us to sell our products quickly and avoid chances of any conflicts arising. It is a very enthusiastic point that we worked as a team for without proper communications and the efforts of each member of the team, it would have been hard to carry out the assigned tasks satisfactorily. Based on my evaluations, I am satisfied that we managed to attain our aims and goals of making the profit because we were able to surpass our target earnings by 2 pounds. Besides, we created as large customer base and we could and finally managed to raise the money to charity.

As we organized and carried out the event, I gained experience and skills that will be useful in organizing the next events. I have known the value of working as a team as this helps in improving the quality and productivity of work as compared to when one is working on their own. Although teamwork contributes to solving problems quickly, I have learned that effective communication is crucial amongst members of the team. From the different encounters that I went through when preparing the event, I am now able to work under pressure and to make fast and efficient decisions. I now know hold to minimize and deal with conflicts when they arise and can organize and run an event satisfactorily. Organizing this event was a great eye-opener for my career as an event organizer.

Since nobody is perfect, I would like to suggest a few improvements that I can work on as I organize my events in the coming year. Firstly, I would take great care when planning as this will help in forecasting and hence preventing the occurrence of any event related issues during the later stages of the event. Planning also helps to keep focus on significant and productive things rather than focusing on unnecessary and unproductive tasks. Paying attention to the most necessary activities is useful as it helps the team to work on only the things that can help them to achieve their objective of attracting many clients, increasing sales volume and increasing their profits.

It is also important that an event organizer designs questionnaires that can be issued to customers with an aim of getting their response on what type of products and services they prefer and what their expectations are. The feedback in these questionnaires will give an insight to the organizer on what their needs are and what products and services can satisfy these needs .Using this knowledge, it becomes possible then to attract as many clients as possible, make massive sales and increase the profits. It is also recommendable that an event organizer forecasts the expected number of customers for the case to avoid the problem of running out of stock when many clients turn up. It can also help in reducing the amount of time that the clients take to wait for the service. Last but not least, it is also important to look for a venue that can accommodate all the parties present at the event to avoid any inconveniences that can be caused by lack of enough space for all.

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