John Fowles' Bibliography

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The author John Fowles was one of the tremendous international statures who was considered as both modernism and postmodernism among the English Novelist. Therefore this paper focuses on the bibliography of John Fowles touching on his professional career, life experiences, legacy, and achievements.

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An English author John Fowles born in Leigh to Robert John Fowles and Gladys May and his mother passed away when he was only six years. He started his early childhood education at Alleyn Court Preparatory and transferred to Bedford school in 1939. He had great and beautiful moment at school since he was athletically and academically proficient and later in 1944 he graduated and was assigned to work at Okehampton Camp for a period of two years and completed his military service in 1947a and decided to enrol to Oxford to study Germany and French lingual but decided to focus on French for his BA level and that where he got inspired by the work and writings of Jean-Paul Sartre and other existentialists such as Albert Camus (Mete,23-32).

According to Ferrari, Mr.fowles managed to get his first in 1951 as a literature and English language teacher at Korgialenios school, one year after graduation and during this time he thought writing his first draft known as 'The Magus' which become is best work among his writings and later on manage to publish a book known as the collector in 1963 which was very successful and made him light and more inspiration in literature writing career and thought of quitting teaching professional and wrote his second book concerning a personal portrait ideas that contained a lot of metaphysical dictums in 1964 and the following year 'The collector' was featured in the films, and he left London to secluded farmhouse where he settled in Dorset. After the Magus draft was completed, he published it in 1966 of which it was made into a film (Mete,23-32).

According to Miller, In 1969 added another book in his account known as 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' and proceeded with high momentum to start working on his new album 'The Ebony Tower' which become more popular and made him more successful than before. This enabled him to get more capital to fund his latest writing project such as 'Daniel Martin' English novel and made the publication in 1974.

Nevertheless, his writing career reached a time it faced with challenges from 1978 to 1982 when he wrote some books such as, 'The Enigma of Stonehenge, the Tree, Island and Lyme Regis that was a short history of which he had averaged each book per year. The books received a lot of critics by people classifying them as under average books and thus making them unsuccessful than the previous novel he had authored before. He never stayed behind but went to author the novel 'A maggot' in 1985 that included several lists of his most significant work and that is the time he categorized as postmodern Novelist based on his narrative featured of styles in writing (Khabibullina, and Zinnatullina). At the beginning of 1988, he started retiring from his known numerous posts and start involving in politics.


In conclusion, regarding his achievement and awards, he was merited for the Silver Pen award of which he won it in 1969 and the following year was won the W.H. Smith Literary Award. Beside that was recognized as an honorary of the Oxford new college in 1997. His legacy and personal life were started when he married Elizabeth Christy in 1954 and later in 1998 got married to Sarah Smith and was succumbed to death after a prolonged illness on 5th November 2005.

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