Job Satisfaction: Achieving Balance in a Multicultural Workplace - Essay Sample

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Job satisfaction is the degree to which an employee feels pleased with their work. The individual employee can only realize the job satisfaction of an employee at work. Employees achieve satisfaction when they think that they are making significant career growth, the job itself is stable and secure, and also the fact that they have reached a reasonable work-life balance (Khamisa, Oldenburg, Peltzer, & Ilic, 2015). A multicultural working environment accommodates and incorporates the different employees' ideas and beliefs. Job satisfaction of employees if they get provided with fulfilling needs including growth or esteem needs like a salary increase or job promotion (Rozkwitalska & Basinska, 2015).

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Due to the demanding nature of nurses, meticulous skills of leadership gets utilized. Different cultures brought from diverse backgrounds create a cultural pool where a platform gets provided to showcase their cultures (Kim, 2017). It develops an understanding of other cultures, improving relations leading to job satisfaction among nurses. When one employee is satisfied with an undertaking by the organization, another employee might not find it satisfying, based on their culture. The diversity among the employees creates a challenge in the organization concerning the design of its operations so that it will satisfy all the employees (Gyebi, 2018).

The diverse medical backgrounds of nurses imply that there is a vast information base from the nurses (Lowe & Archibald, 2009). A nurse could have a medical hack that other nurses are unaware of and teach them in the long run. Information is shared much more quickly this way. A vast information pool gets created when nurses from different countries work together toward similar goals. Whenever employees are allowed to take part in matters that are not work-related, only they feel noticed appreciated and even considered (Bonner & Lloyd 2011).

To ensure the nurses are satisfied with their job, they should prepare a job rotation schedule in collaboration with all parties to make it acceptable and useful. When the job rotation schedule gets implemented, the feedback from the nurses is vital to gauge the level of satisfaction associated with the rotation among the staff (Ho et al., 2009). The job rotation, when engaged, is related to more organizational commitment and low-stress levels among the nurses.

Retirement programs also affect the job satisfaction of nurses. When there is a great retirement program that rewards the nurses better, they will be motivated and have peace of mind, which increases the level of satisfaction as they perform their duties. To increase the level of job satisfaction by the nurses, there should be great programs in place to suit the preferences of the nurses. When the work environment is excellent, whereby they receive all the support that they need, then their satisfaction is high (Laschinger, 2012). Workplaces that are modifiable to suit the preferences of the newly graduated nurses are associated with more comfort, as the nurses get assured of the fact that they will have a better working environment.

Non-English-Speaking Background nurses require support in the first hire, mainly with their communication skills (Timilsina Bhandari, Xiao, & Belan, 2014, p. 8). The local staff also need to be taught on differences due to culture of nurses from overseas to promote workplace adaptation. Proper management of diversity challenges benefits organizations highly. The organizations need to consistently assess the lines of communication to effectively disseminate information on policies and practices of the organization to promote the inclusiveness of different cultures (Ohunakin, Adeniji, Ogunnaike, Igbadume, & Akintayo, 2019, p. 99). Transparent systems need to be developed for reporting and protect nurses from lousy treatment from patients, managers, and colleagues to promote job satisfaction (Muhawish, Salem, & Baker, 2019, p. 11).


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