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Date:  2022-07-08

Assistant Professor at Texas State University-San Marcos, TX USA

The Department of History announced a job opening for tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Texas History to World War II. This is a lucrative position that requires competent candidates to send their applications for a possible chance to be recruited in the year 2019. A successful individual would be required to lecture the US and particularly Texas history and survey courses as well as specialized undergraduate modules in regards to Texas history.

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Candidates with knowledge in borderlands and transnational strategies would stand a better chance among the rest even though all other subfields in the pre-World War II Texas History will be taken into considerations. Besides, candidates should be able to showcase a great mastery in research and development and active projects. This job requires a collaborative person who would be willing to integrate community and organization engagement approaches in the university and across the states.

A qualified candidate who will be selected will also be expected to participate in the departmental services and activities, and leadership in advancing other educational activities which enhances the institution's reputation. The wages and benefits for this position are commensurate with an individual's performance and experience, however, a Ph.D. holder in the related field would be highly placed in terms of remuneration.

This job posting is a realistic and achievable position so long as a History major individual submits a full application which comprises of an updated CV, letter of interest, a sample article in the related field, and various recommendation letters before November 13th, 2018. The competitive job posting calls out for an individual who would be willing to work on a full-time basis. It is quite a chance for an individual to expand their knowledge and develop further experience in a busy education setting.

Assistant Professor, History of China

The Southern Methodist University Dallas through the Department of History in Dedman College of Humanities and Science require a tenure-track assistant professor. The job posting requires one to lecture history of China commencing in the year 2019. This is a competitive posting which calls for qualified candidates to place their applications before 27th October of 2018.

The related fields are recommended and it is open to any other person who has an interest in lecturing cultural, social and political history as well as digital humanities and transnational history. Any individual whose qualification would complement with the departmental strengths and vision would stand a better chance besides appropriate experience in history.

Upon being successful, the candidate would lecture East Asian and Chinese history, regional surveys on the basis of their interests and thematic courses as directed by the department. This post requires a well-educated individual with good experience and a Ph.D. would be an added advantage over other applicants. All candidates will undergo through a thorough merit of the interview to assess employment eligibility and ascertain the level of experience and know-how. This position does not have a strict deadline because the appointment committee would give opportunities for more applications beyond the stipulated date until a suitable individual is selected.

In as much as the individual would lecture on Asian and Chines history, the department does not discriminate based on racial background, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity and disability detail of an applicant. As such, a qualified candidate would be selected purely on the grounds of the level of experience, interests, and qualifications. All candidates are required to submit an updated cv, recommendation letters, a relevant article of 50 pages maximum, and any other document deemed fit to support the application documents.

Public Historian

Air Education and Training Command Laughlin AFB, TX USA is seeking for a historian to fill a vacant position. The main purpose of this position is for one to conduct and manage the History Program at independent groupings and the various deployed regions. The agency presents a quite challenging environment for one to learn and grow their career paths by offering relevant resources and nonsupervisory roles.

The qualified candidate would be in charge of research and documentation of wing history. In this regard, the challenges experienced, solution strategies, and the effectiveness of wing would be channeled towards meeting the mission of the agency. One would also be required to conduct special research and establish historical elements like oral histories and develop reference materials for the agency and to meet the requirement of staff members, Air Force, the public and governmental agencies. One should also be ready to be deployed to contingency regions and participate in wartime. This calls for a flexible individual who is ready to take risks and travel to various parts when an assignment is allocated.

Since the position is challenging and involves a lot of effort, it is considered through great salary which is subject to review and potential for promotions. For one to qualify, it is recommended for one to be strictly a US citizen, if Male should be registered for Selective Service, would b ready for random drug tests, top security clearance, ready to travel from regular duty station, work other than normal duty times, a driver license, training for the use of firearms, attend Civilian Historian Orientation Course and Historian Contingency Course for 2 years, and ready to conduct E-E duties in the event of crises.

AP World History Teacher at UWorld Dallas, TX

UWorld posting seeks to recruit a competent individual who experienced in AP World History to facilitate the development of a new AP World History Question Bank. The individual would work with other educators to create an effective web-based product. The individual should be quite passionate about education and with a wide range of knowledge to contribute to a fast establishment of a pragmatic AP World History schedule and products.

The opportunity offers full-term working basis which gives educators the platform to engage in the product life cycle from planning to implementation and evaluation. Qualification requirement is a relevant undergraduate but a master degree is preferred. A strong mastery of the AP World History design and a good experience is also required from the candidates. To be a successful candidate, one is required to portray, strong writing skills, great communication, problem-solving and attention to detail approaches, proven capability to write top quality questions and elaborations, ability to engage and think critically and strategically and execution of conceptual notions into finished products. Besides working with a team, one should have the ability to work independently in a challenging environment. One would report to the Director of College Prep Question Bank to receive guidance and assignments and take active roles in product developments as stipulated. This job opportunity is fulfilling as it equips one with pertinent experience and skills in multi-tasking, time management, team playing and technical skills in program design and implementation.

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