Jenniffer Peters Leasing Consultant Is Diverse, Open and Team-Driven - Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-16

If the local paper were going to run an article about the company's culture, it would be impossible not to include diversity. The company has employed people from diverse background. The management knows about the importance of attracting and managing a diverse workforce. It comprises a full range of critical dimensions of individuals such as age, gender, ethnicity, and religion among others (Barak, 2016). Other aspects include educational level, work and communication style as well as geographic origin. The company has embraced this culture due to increased diversity among the clients. Leaders guide how to deal with differences related to beliefs, behaviors, attitude as well as values. Learning how to handle different people have helped the organization to improve its services. Since different people have unique abilities and talents, they contribute to innovative ways of doing things. Employees have also learned to recognize and appreciate distinct characteristics of others including their workmates and visitors. The result is a positive interpersonal relationship that assists the leasing consultant firm to work towards achieving the set goals of providing its clients with quality services.

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The best part about working in this environment that a person would not be able to see from just a walk around the office/plant is openness. It demonstrates a welcoming attitude and an environment which is friendly to everyone. The culture attracts both employees to join the company and clients to seek services. Employees find the environment being friendly to work in because it allows for flexibility (Barak, 2016). They are given an opportunity to come up with suggestions on how they can improve the quality of services provided by the firm to meet the customer's expectation. Since employees are regarded as the greatest asset of the company, they get involved in the decision-making process. Every decision made affects them, and hence the management deems it necessary to engage them with the aim of improving the quality of services to the clients. Such flexibility motivates the employees in that they feel valued and being part of the organization. Clients willing to work with the company are also welcome. There are no barriers put in place to prevent some individuals and other entities from working with them. Customer service pays attention to their feedback concerning the services they provide to different clients. Their proposals are welcomed to improve service delivery and meet the client's expectations.

The most common concerns employees make about the company culture is the lack of adequate training and poor management. Despite the insatiable urge to offer quality services, the organization does not do much in terms of training and development of the workforce. Training is important because it allows individuals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills including laws related to property management (Hameed & Waheed, 2011). Lack of training makes the job hard especially when it is beyond one's control. The poor management did not care about employee's development. The work also becomes tough due to lack of proper planning that ensures a smooth flow of work.

What I love best about the culture of the company is teamwork. Working as a team provides motivation, and it allows completion of a task within a short time. Even with a lack of adequate training, employees get to learn from each other about things they do not know in property management. Working as a team also allows individuals to interact with others from different places (Barak, 2016). This provides an enhanced experience that helps people to relate positively with others which is critical for personal growth in the work environment.


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