Essay Sample on Organizations and Peoples Management

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Date:  2022-11-15


MBA is an accredited international institute which helps other organizations and professionals to get the accreditation in offering the master's degree in a business course. The organization has a well-structured management system which is based on the culture of hard work, self-development and employee motivation.

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The Culture of the MBA Institute

The organization is well known for having a culture of teamwork which has prompted the success of the organization. As such, the institution gives an opportunity for all the workers to be innovative and success oriented, a spirit which has greatly improved the profitability of the institution as noted by (Machado & Davim, 2016). The management has been very instrumental in training the new employees on the cultural values of the institution and constantly keeping in touch with the workers t ascertain whether the culture is followed (Lundgren, 1974).

The Personality Trait of the Organization

The MBA institute has in the past years created a competitive work environment which has made the employees have a type-A personality. They display a high level of commitment, aggressiveness and ambitious. The personality traits displayed by the employees have made the organization to be very successful in executing its mandates (Hernaez, 2011)


The management of the MBA institute is very sensitive in matters of employee motivation. According to (Catlin & Klingler, 2012), the top management practices horizontal organizational management where all the employees have equal chances to display their talents and can freely report to the CEO. This has made the employees to develop intrinsic motivations and hence masking the organization's programs to successfully run even in the absence of the managers. It is due to this high level of motivation that the organization is able to achieve all its goals and make them have a competitive advantage over its competitors (Bayeh, 2015).

The posture and graph of Amazon's cultural organization, motivation and good personality can be summarized as shown.


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