Tender Application Refusal and Patel Manufacturers Procurement Manager

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Date:  2022-06-06

Tender Application Refusal

After reviewing your tender application documents, Patel Manufacturers has decided to stop considering your tender application request until a future date when there will be an opportunity again within the organization. Patel Manufacturers we are aware of Mason Distributor's vast capabilities in resource distribution, and we would have loved to work with your organization in the upcoming project. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, your organization profile fell short of the required features that Patel Manufacturers was looking for to ensure success in the oncoming project. Although Mason Distributors met most of the technology needs and human resources capabilities having well educated and disciplined workers at all levels, the organization lacks regarding gender sensitivity because 90% of its workforce is male. Our organization policy requires the organization to do business with businesses that have a gender equality threshold in all its ranks and departments. We regret that this opportunity this time has been given to another company, but we hope that in future after revising the organization gender composition we will consider your company in future projects as a matter of priority.

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James Griffins

Patel Manufacturers Procurement Manager


The approach presented by Limaye to write bad news messages is significantly different from the normal bad news messages that are plain and straight to the point. I would prefer Limaye approach to bad news writing because of its considerate approach which does not mask the intention of the letter and also it is presented in a courteous approach which leaves no room for misunderstandings and bad feelings on the side of the letter recipient (Limaye, 1988). The bad news letter approach put forward by Limaye promotes goodwill when writing a bad news message by ensuring that the letter is written from an indirect approach. Although Limaye approach lacks empirical backing as the best approach to write a bad news message, it is more toned and does not provoke the recipient into negativity which could damage the relationship between the sender and the recipient of the message.

Through an indirect approach advanced by Limaye, the message sender can extend goodwill as indicated in the letter above from Patel Manufacturers to Mason Distributors regarding a failed tender application. Indirectly, Patel Distributor's procurement manager can break the bad news to Mason Distributors by assessing the positive aspects of the organization that has failed and also making assurance of possible future tender award. More importantly, the procurement manager can reveal the reason why the tender application failed and also provides a solution to Mason Distributors to ensure future successful tender application (Cardon & Philadelphia, 2015). Besides, Limaye bad news message writing approach ensures that the rejection has little correlation with the recipient perception of themselves which reduces negativity and promotes positive future interactions between the sender and the recipient. The indirect approach as posited by Limaye makes sure that the rejected is drafted in such a way that the recipient will not judge the sender negatively which promotes goodwill which is the core purpose of Limaye's bad news message approach. Other normal bad news messages are direct and destroy any possible future interactions between the recipient and the sender by growing negativity regarding perception between the sender and the bad news message recipient (French & Holden, 2012).


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