Is Serial Killing an Addiction? Essay Example

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The increased cases of murder made the author to record down the story with a view of exposing the effects of war. As such, the article focuses on a man who killed and shot people in Port Arthur. The man is believed to have shot and killed around 35 people in 1996. The even left the Australians very worried since such an event had never been witnessed before. According to Robert Hughes in his book titled, "The Fatal Shore," he brings out the idea of a penal colony. The primary topic of study according to Hughes is the historical imagination in Australia. The ruins served as European death camps. The camp was initially used as British Empires labor camp. The name of the article is coined from the words of one of the victims of the massacre. The victim said, "Not here." Australia is known to have a good relationship with criminology (Metcalf).

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The issue made the federal government make some rules concerning the use of guns. The massive firearms buyback program succeeded this. According to the research, Australia is believed to have experienced 14 massive killings before the Port Arthur massacre. The government of Australia reacted to this massacre in a solemn manner. There were severe measures that were put in place to understand the causes of evil. They even went ahead to assign a defense psychiatrist to the killer. The name of the psychiatrist was Paul Mullen. Mullen began his investigations immediately to ascertain the leading cause of the massacre. He started by investigating the shooter. What surprised him most is the manner in which the killer insisted on the issue of the death toll. About six weeks ago, a similar scenario had occurred in Dunblane in Scotland (Metcalf).

They compared the events that occurred this time with those that happened around 1960. The incident took place at the University of Texas where a sniper shot some people. This led to tension that made Austi Campus to be held under hostage. According to Mullen, the incident had paved the way for the massacres that happened in future. A young man is believed to have killed a lot of people in the name of revenge. The central question was to find this young man who had committed such a crime. The main topic of the author is Narcissism and persecution.

According to Metcalf, young men are a thicket of false positives. The historians also brought out their opinions as far as this issue was concerned. The amok began to lose ground as the Malay tribes began to modernize and westernize. The definition of massacre according to the amok could make a sober mind to be disturbed. They were insisting on the issue of gun control and dignity which was a significant issue. They related the killings to the type of movies that those people were addicted (Metcalf).

The crisis is indicated through the Batman's story. According to American public figures, the issue of the quasi-theological language was of primary concern. The psychiatrist tries to explain the causes of violence. This case will tend to disturb the mind of many people. The performance of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as a joker was almost similar to the action of Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. In this story, Christian Bale acted as Batman. During the return of Hannah Arendt from Jerusalem, several issues came up. The phrase banality of evil was familiar to many people. The author concludes by comparing the poor and the damaged. He says that when such people are disturbed by situations in the real world, they will bring out their weapons to fight back. The natural response of the victim was "Not here."

Some individuals are addicted to killing. The primary type of execution is serial killing. This issue was brought about by the famous clinical psychologist called Craig Traub. Drug addicts, gamblers, and alcoholics are very addicted to murder. According to a research that was conducted, it was concluded that addicts usually are not serial killers. The other way round is very right. It was also observed that it was straightforward for serial killers to be addicted. According to Traub, the behavior of addiction was purely one own choice. They were not born killers (Taylor)

Bundy is one of the addicts that is used as an example to show the effects of addiction. It is recorded that Bundy was able to bring down at least two people in a day. According to Traub, Buddy was killing people on a daily basis to make him concentrate more. There was also a forensic psychologist who carried out the same research. The psychologist was known as Jackie de Wet. She concluded that there were some common practices between addiction and serial killing. However, she sounds a powerful warning against comparing these two things. Some people always kill to satisfy their needs. She even went ahead to explain that there is no difference between serial killing and murder. Alcoholism is strongly discouraged as it was a form of self-destruction. Those who take most of their time drinking are likely to make some poor decisions. This is the main reason why the author depicts addicts as the primary serial killers (Taylor)

The idea of killing is becoming an issue of concern. The media is also a primary cause of some killings. The press will cover some stories surrounding the murder of particular individuals. Execution can be for good or bad reason. Some people should be killed to enable the world to enjoy peace. Some of the significant terrorists who had lived there live terrorizing people around the world should be killed. Under such circumstances, the killer should not be charged with murder cases. The media should, therefore, be careful with the type of news they display to viewers. They should show the details about the killing especially when the reasons were valid. In such cases, the media should even explain the whole process. There are many citizens in the United States that own guns. They use to attack dome fellow citizens. When it happens that the media was around, they should avoid showing the face of the killers to the viewers. This is because this may lead to further killings. The killer will be encouraged to kill other people to clear evidence. The faces of the killers should be blurred (Holmberg).

The leading cause of mass murder is exposing the face of the killer. The media in such cases should not attempt to record the real faces of the killers. Even when they recorded all the events that occurred, they should leave out some parts during the broadcasting of the news. The media are the most vulnerable in cases of murder. They are expected to act as witnesses to circumstances of death that took place in their presence. The murders will also make necessary plans to eliminate available evidence. This makes the media one of the most endangered species in this scenario. They are in a dilemma since they want to protect their lives. They are wondering whether to expose the killers and endanger their lives or keep quiet and betray their people. This is why the media is least reliable in cases relating to murder (Holmberg).

The debate on whether murder is legal or illegal depending on the situation at hand. For example, the most common argument is the issue of self-defense. In cases where killers attack you, you have the opportunity to fight back. In some countries, this is not allowed and is treated as murder cases. The police are also targeted in cases of murder. The law enforcement officers usually are being given strict orders when are where to kill. An officer should not just go around killing people anyhow. They should do it according to the stipulated rules. According to the points at hand, killing remains illegal since nobody has the right to take away lives. We should find out ways of self-defense that do not involve taking away the life of the attacker. This will make the cases of murder to reduce. Law enforcement officers should also tighten security to enable every citizen to feel safe.


In summary, killing is illegal and should not be tolerated at all. Those who practice this act should be evicted. Killing for some people is a form of addiction. However, such excuses should not be considered since human life is very precious.

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