Introduction to Innovation

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The innovation in this case is the creation of a system that would help motorists to monitor the road. The innovation aims to improve road safety to everyone. The system, known as CarVi is designed to monitor the driving habits of various motorists hence providing a peace of mind to the parents at home and teenagers who are driving. The system therefore, improves road safety to the motorists by allowing them to monitor the roads while driving. The system aims at minimizing the amount of road accidents that occur on the roads due to various reasons. For instance, the system would reduce deaths from road accidents. The rampant car accidents witnessed on the roads led to frustrations to both family and friends of the deceased. The pain and frustrations observed from the accidents accelerated the need for a system that would help minimize the amount of road accidents.

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In the current world, there are several vehicles moving on the roads all the time. The drivers of the vehicles are of different ages varying from the teenagers to the elderly people. Accidents have been witnessed on the roads due to certain reasons some of which are unavoidable. The teenagers for example might cause accidents due to fear or anxiety or in most cases uncertainty of what lies ahead on the roads. The elderly people on the other hand may get involved in road accidents due to conditions like unclear visibility of the roads and of course the uncertainty of what lies ahead on the roads. Therefore, a system that would help minimizing road accidents resulting from road uncertainties was needed as soon as possible to reduce the number of deaths recorded from such accidents (Veryzer, 2013). There has never been a device that monitors the road to show motorists the conditions of the roads ahead of them. Furthermore, the attempts to reduce road accidents all over the world have been examined and there are no instances where such an idea appears. Therefore, the introduction of a road monitoring device is totally new to the environment.

The common trends on the roads to minimize road accidents include; the deployment of traffic police to control motorists along the roads to minimize accidents and the implementation of speed governors to vehicles and speed monitoring gadgets on the roads. These two attempts were all aimed at controlling motorists on the roads. The attempts have though yielded insufficiently since, after their implementation, there were still road accidents witnessed along the roads. The traffic police officers were located at just certain points along the roads hence could not control an entire highway. Consequently, the speed governors and the speed monitoring devices were to some extent ineffective and accidents were still witnessed along major roads. There was hence dire need for a better method to minimize the road accidents. A better method was required that would let the motorists monitor the roads by themselves without being supervised by the traffic police or any devices that might be ineffective (Trott, 2008).

The introduction of the CarVi, the device that monitors the road, makes sense since it enables the motorists to control themselves while driving. The system requires neither the traffic police nor the speed governors and the speed governing equipments. The logic with using this device is that it allows the motorists to monitor the road and make proper decisions by themselves. It solves the accidents caused from uncertainty on the roads. Accidents always happen unexpectedly and every motorist wishes he or she avoided them; this system hence provides a chance for the drivers to foresee what lies ahead of them on the roads so that they could avoid accidents. The system assists the elderly and the teenagers overcome their fears as they would be fully prepared for the roads. The system makes sense since it is designed by experienced individuals who were pushed to make it through the experience of frustration they underwent when others were involved in car accidents (Mahajan, & Muller, 2007). The technological state of the system also makes it sensible since the parents as well can watch over their children on the roads while at home.

Innovations are categorized in different categories including the following; the unexpected innovations, the process need innovations, the incongruity innovations, demographic innovations, the industry and market structure changes innovations, the change in perception innovations and the new knowledge innovations (Leonard-Barton, 2015). The unexpected innovation refers to a situation in which the price of a product is lesser or greater than the demand that was expected for it. In such a case, the unexpected situation is taken advantage of positively by converting the situation into success. The incongruity innovation refers to the innovation that result from the examination of what is happening in the environment against what should actually happen (Feldman, & Florida, 2014). This examination is based on the views of those who are affected by the situation. Process need innovations are innovations that are attained because the processes within a specific system suit the innovation. It involves the elimination of weak links within a system.

The industry and market structure change innovations are those innovations generated from the continual flux in the market and the industry. For instance, the introduction of new technology requires various technological innovations to fit the company and its processes into the modern technologies (Feldman, & Florida, 2014). Demographic innovations are those innovations influenced by the changes in the population. The population growth and the acquisition of knowledge by the population are some of the factors that would require demographic innovations. Changes in perception, meaning and mood innovations are as a result of the changes in the view of life by the population. As the population grows, peoples views on life changes and hence certain innovations should also be changed (Leonard-Barton, 2015). New knowledge innovations are innovations that result from the acquisition of new technologies either by the population or the industrial system.

Owing to the sources of innovations discussed above, this kind of innovation might be categorized as an unexpected innovation (Leonard-Barton, 2015). The innovation of the CarVi has been motivated by the unexpected deaths from car accidents. The frustrations experienced by the family and friends of the deceased pushed for the innovation of a system that would minimize the number of car accidents. The innovation of this system to help the motorists monitor the roads rather than anticipating the roads would help in minimizing car accidents. Either, the innovation would also be categorized as an incongruity innovation. The innovation of the system is as a result of rampant deaths from road accidents. Opposed to the intentions of motorists, the accidents occur accidentally. Therefore, the situation for creating the system was because the accidents were occurring yet people wanted to be safe on the roads. It is hence an incongruity innovation as it is innovated to curb the unexpected car accidents that should not be experienced (Feldman, & Florida, 2014).

There are several types of innovations; incremental innovation refers to an innovation whose target is to improve an existing system. The innovation therefore makes the system faster, cheaper and better. Process innovation is the implementation of new delivery methods or significantly the improvement of production (Oke, 2007). Red ocean innovations are innovations that make one institution better than the others on the same platform by making its products and services better than the other institutions products and services. Service innovation is referred to as a new service concept. It refers to the renewal of the services offered by an institution. Business model innovations are the creation of a system or the business (Todtling, Lehner, & Kaufmann, 2009). It might simply be considered as the reinvention of a system. Sustainable innovations are innovations of processes and products within an institution that leads to sustainable improvements within the system.

Frugal innovations are innovations that results in operations within an organization where more is done with less. Limited resources are used to produce more products and services according to this innovation (Oke, 2007). Blue ocean innovations are innovations by an institution to capture the unknown markets. It involves innovations to enlarge the boundaries of the relevant industry. Radical innovations are innovations that provide something totally new to the world (Darroch, & McNaughton, 2012). The radical innovations change the views of the people positively through technology and other means. Open source innovations are also known as crowd sourcing. It refers to the innovation in which the products and services of an industry are distributed freely and are made accessible to the people. Experience innovations are innovations attained by involving the views of the clients in decision making within an organization (Darroch, & McNaughton, 2012).

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that interferes with the existing technology while creating a new market for the products and services of the organization (Todtling, Lehner, & Kaufmann, 2009). The user led innovations are developments within the business that gives the users of the products and services more powers in the product designing and manufacture (Oke, 2007). The other kind of innovation is the supply chain innovations, which refers to the application of best technologies and practices within the supply of the products and services to improve the services of the organization.

The innovation of CarVi could therefore be categorized as a radical innovation. The system brings to the world a totally new product that has never been seen anywhere (Todtling, Lehner, & Kaufmann, 2009). Various examinations show that there has never been a system before that monitors the road ahead of motorists. This is the first time such a system would be used to control car accidents. Various techniques have been used for over years to reduce deaths from car accidents but never before has road monitoring devices been created. Radical innovations involve systems and technologies that are new and effective to the market (Oke, 2007).

Innovations are also categorized into different levels depending on their intensities. The first level of innovation stresses on a lower amount of the new investment, minimal change on the products that already exist and low risks (McAdam, McConvery, & Armstrong, 2014). This is the simplest level that can be achieved by any organization since it involves things like color or logo change. It is recommended for growing companies as it allows them to evolve over time as it does not require the application of unique skills. The slight changes often have great value to the public though. In most industries, if the small changes are not made, chances are that the public might forget about the products very quickly (Mioduser, Nachmias, Tubin, & Forkosh-Baruch, 2013). Hence, efforts are made by most companies to innovate at this level because it is very effective.

The second level of innovation is considered as a higher level where significant changes are made. At this level, new features are added to the products to create a totally different version of the product that can be sold to different populations (Albury, 2015). The features introduced are considered as medium standards of risk and investment. Most companies are satisfied at this stage since they make improvements on products that exist and are already in the market, addition of the features further intere...

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