Instructional Design: Project Reflective Essay

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Date:  2022-07-27


The whole study experience has been great, and I have drawn essential skills and knowledge. It is thus important that I review what I have gained and where I feel I should do something. First, the ability to design instructional materials based on the needs of learners was an important strength on my side. Whereas I made several references to the scholarly sources on developing the instructional materials, the prior knowledge I had about the learners which would benefit from the materials played a significant role. I would say that is something which I did not anticipate to play such a huge role. Secondly, the ability to connect with my learner's through the materials. I had an opportunity to provide to use what I know best to design classroom materials. This gave me an additional opportunity to connect with students in a special way. That is something which I look forward to using not just in designing but also implementing instructional materials. Lastly, the ability to draw points from different scholarly sources to come up with one superior tailored for specific needs was an important strength on my side. I perused several sources, picking important ideas to integrate into the instructional design. Some of the organizations whose ideas I applied include National Education Institution, Instructional Designers Association among other organizations involved in the development of education in the country. This would add to my research skills; something am keen on developing. These are just some of the most important strengths which I noted, but there are many more.

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I doubt there are any major changes I would apply to what I did, as I believe I was thorough in my research. However, there are key areas which I may consider to explore more options. The first approach is using already established design strategies rather than developing an independent one. The second change is to be more specific on the subject. I learned that each subject might require different instruction delivery strategies. That means a general instructional delivery may not work effectively for every subject. The last change I would make will have to do with bringing in more stakeholders. Parents are an integral part of the educational development of children, and their input may add value to the instructional delivery.

I discovered that making an instructional delivery and evaluation strategy is not something easy (Brown, & Green, 2015). It needs several steps. Even the design which the assignments took was evident enough to that. The assignment was in three parts, each requiring thorough research and compilation of information. Other than the design, there comes the element of implementation and evaluation. This is a rather complex scenario. In fact, while designing the evaluation strategy, there were so many methods which came up in the research, with most in scholarly sources. Selecting the ones which suit the instructional design and delivery which I had chosen is a complex process. In some instances, more than one method may be used in the same issue. I think I explored most and tried to settle on the most relevant. This was an interesting learning experience. I am sure this is not the end but the start of sharpening skills in this field.

I am looking forward to that as I understand its essence for someone pursuing to be an educationist.


Brown, A. H., & Green, T. D. (2015). The essentials of instructional design: Connecting fundamental principles with process and practice. Routledge.

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