Essay Example on Brothers' Fighting - Mama's Boiling Point!

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Pages:  3
Wordcount:  642 Words
Date:  2023-03-26

I woke up, but with my goddamn annoying brothers screaming in my ears and all over my personal space, and yes, I was so annoyed. Then a moment later, mama walked in and said that she had enough of the fighting and yelling, after which she kicked everyone out of the house. Something you should know about my parents and all the adults is that they are a bunch of phonies. But that's beside the point that I hate it so much because they have little resilience and patience. Out of the three boys, Mark is the youngest, Jake is the middle child, and Jeff that is me, the oldest of them all, and I was the smartest of my parent's children, the one with the most common sense.

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As the eldest of the siblings, I had the responsibility to put them in line so that they would stay out of trouble. When we left our parent's hell house, we had to find a place to stay before it gets dark. At the time, we had about 8 hours of daylight, so we had time. However, the most urgent matter was to find a place to stay before the big bad wolf finds us since we knew it could make us its dinner. As we walked around, we could not find anywhere to stay, so it was my bright suggestion to find resources to build a house for ourselves.

At the time, I had no intention to live with my brothers, so I told them to make their own goddamn house. Since it was getting late fast, I went to work as early as I could. I found some brick and some cement, which I used to build the house an activity that took me around 5 hours. All this time, I was paying no attention to my dumbass brothers. But when I looked up from my work, I saw the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. My little brother made his house out of straws, and at that moment, all I could do was laugh. My other brother made a house out of sticks. I didn't laugh, but I thought to myself that it was not the best idea due to the danger that would set upon us when it gets dark. I thought to myself that if their dumb asses believe that their building materials were going to stop the wolf, they were delusional. That's precisely what I said to them.

After I got done telling them that they are going to die and not to come to me, it was dust and time to go into our respective houses. As I was getting materials from the house, I got some groves, and I thought it was kind enough to invite my brothers over for dinner. However, Jake refused the offer because he felt he was a smart ass, whereas Mark was in for the free food. While we were eating, Jake came running in, and he reiterated that there was an army of wolves coming right for us, and I said, "boys hold on it's time to go sicko mode" like Travis Scott, an American rapper, singer, songwriter.

My brothers did not know that I knew that this was going to happen, and I made a whole base. I pressed a button, and the whole base came up from the ground, and I told the boys to get to the sniper towers. I took the Ak47, and when I said I had a 159-kill streak, I am not lying. Jake was hitting 360, no scopes, and Mark was going behind the back. They like to call this war the Great War or World War 3. The boys came out with the dub, and we went down in history as legends for defending our base against the army of invading wolves.

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