Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-11


American immigration and customs enforcement agency (ICE) is one of the biggest government agencies which investigates various movements of goods and people within our borders. Traffic of products and the movement people into the nation are some of the critical enforcement functions of the ICE. ICE purpose of ensuring America protected by addressing illegal cross-border activities such as the undocumented movement of people into the country that could pose a threat to the safety of the people as well as national security. To execute this mission ICE is tasked with implementing over 400 federal statutes by ensuring the illegal movement of persons is combated and people genuinely enter the country ("What We Do," 2018).

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Enforcement of immigration statute

One of the most significant roles of the ICE is enforcement of the immigration laws.IN the recent past many foreign people have found loopholes that allow them to move into the country without proper documentation. ICE focuses more on working in the interior parts of the United States and targets mostly to arrest such foreigners who break the immigration laws.

The U.S stand on terrorism has resulted in the emergence of many enemies and to help identify such people hiding in the country ICE has partnered with other institutions ("What We Do," 2018). Fighting terrorism is not a walk in the park ICE, however, does this through a thorough investigation of individuals from foreign countries. After identifying such individuals that pose a threat to the nation consequent prosecution and deportation follows if such people are found to be a threat to the nation's security.

ICE function in governance is very critical, and this is evident in the role they play in detecting terrorist operations in the country and dismantling them using the enforcement tools provided. This has led to ICE engaging in operations with other agencies such as the feral bureau of investigations to ensure they protect the American people from terrorist activities. Many programs designed by the ICE have agents trained to combat terrorism through identifying suspicious individuals engaging in illegal activities("What is the Role and Scope of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?", 2018).

To ensure their operations run ICE effectively is regularly coming with programs aimed at providing the American communities are safe. Programs focus on eliminating regrouping of gangs as well as prosecution and deportation of individuals with incomplete immigrant status("What is the Role and Scope of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?", 2018). Further ICE ensures that children are not exploited through investigation of child offenders who engage in child pornography. Foreign nationals also who engage in illegal activities primarily on the internet are also tackled by the cybercrimes department. The cyber crime department focuses on addressing illegal online activities such as sales of firearms, body organs as well as identity fraud. Crimes of this nature have been on the rise and foreigners have mostly been targeted.

Homeland security also conducts its operations under the ICE, and its primary duty is to investigate the illegal trafficking of goods and immigrants. Homeland majorly focuses on dealing with smuggling of narcotics. Protection of intellectual property rights and human trafficking as well as cybercrimes. ICE through Homeland security conducts national security investigations, gathering of intelligence, international affairs as well as domestic operations aimed at ensuring the mission of ICE is achieved.

In the recent, it is evident from happenings across the world of the threat associated with criminals illegally engaging in their operations within the country. Advancement in technology has made it challenging to combat crime and with that homeland security need to monitor activities of people on the internet continuously. Homeland partners with other institutions such as schools to facilitate informing sharing and enhance legal practices among citizens ("Department of Homeland Security U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)," 2018).


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