Discrimination, Performance Management, Performance Appraisal, Affirmative Action and Employment

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Date:  2022-04-07

What terms were the most important concepts of this week's lesson?

The most important concepts in this week's class are discrimination, performance management, performance appraisal, affirmative action and employment. Discrimination is the prejudicial or unjustified treatment of different groups of people unequally based on their different characteristics. Some of these characteristics are gender, race, religion, physical disability, or sexual orientation. Non-discrimination therefore of the fair and unprejudiced treatment of all people without regard for their gender, age, race or nationality, sexual orientation, religion or physical disability.

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Performance management processes by which an environment is created in the workplace which enables people to perform to the best of their ability. It is a process that begins with employment and terminated with the employment. Performance management follows employee progress to measure, evaluate, improve, and reward the employee according to their performance. Performance appraisal, on the other hand, is the evaluation of the performance of employees systematically to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the person and then help to grow and develop that person.

Employment is the fact of having paid work in a company or an organisation. A person may be employed by another person or by themselves. Affirmative action is a policy enterprise in which a company takes into account the nationality, race, age, gender, sexual orientation among others, during the employment process or in offering services like education and healthcare. The objective is to increase the opportunities accorded to the less fortunate citizens in the society. This project is aimed at increase the representation of certain groups of people from society and their involvement in various processes in the community.

What was your muddiest point?

That affirmative action in certain paradigms of the society is a heavily contested matter is beyond me. That certain groups of people support affirmative action even in admission to colleges and universities while others hold contrary view is understandable.

What would you like to know more about from this lesson, and why?

From this topic, I would like to know more about the court's position as far as affirmative action is concerned. Affirmative action policies are meant to incorporate all members of society into the society's activities. The court's opinions on affirmative action must be very vital, especially when considering the merits and demerits of the process with due regard to the criticisms and supporting debates of this argument. How the court relates the affirmative action to redress on account of injustice that occurs in the workplace and during the employment process is essential.

How does this lesson relate to something you have already learned outside of this class?

The importance of this lesson is to be an eye-opener to the various aspects of employment and the multiple issues surrounding the process. This class addressed the issues of discrimination and the instances of their occurrences. Similarly, the employer is warned against the dangers that accrue from discrimination and the redress that the law offers for the aggrieved employee.

Why do you think you were required to learn this content?

I think this lesson required me to learn the various labour laws that exist in connection with discrimination or otherwise. It also required me to learn the rights and duties of the employer as required by law. It is also imperative that from the class, the relationship between the employment, discrimination and non-discrimination and affirmative action is established.

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