Hunger in Developing Nations: Effects of Letting a Child Go Hungry - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-28

Specific purpose: To educate and inform my congregation on the effect of letting a child go hungry, especially in developing countries.

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Thesis: The rate at which the number of children going to bed hungry is drastically increasing in most third world countries and if not deal with soon enough will lead to consequences


We all know the feeling of being hungry because we experience it before, and being hungry is the worst feeling. According to the united nation, statics 0ver 122 million children are facing hunger. With these ever-rising numbers, all the leaders should focus on this pandemic to try and solve as this being one of the easiest ones to solve yet. If not dealt with, there are high chances that child hunger will become devastating, especially in upcoming countries found in parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. One in seven children face challenges of getting sufficient food to eat. Although the figure has declined in the recent past in some countries, hunger has still been increasing in economically distressed areas, particularly within the rural community. Food banks have been affected, and surplus food supplies are declining as more people seek relief food Child hunger causes the death of 3.1 million children each year.

We cannot say that we live in a modern world when there are people who amass absurd quantities of wealth while others do not even have clean water? Millions of children around the world suffer each day because their families do not earn enough money to make ends meet. For this reason, charities dedicate their missions to help those in need and thus eradicate poverty and hunger around the world. This has led these organizations to advertise to invite the public to donate and get involved. Sometimes these ads can be shocking to the audience because it is hard to accept that things we take for granted are unobtainable for millions around the world.

Child hunger being among the world’s worst problem this paper is going to discuss the various causes and give out the fact of child hunger in the world:

Poverty is the leading cause of hunger in the world, and malnutrition is a common health problem why children and their families are still living in hunger around the world. This means they do not have the financial ability to meet basic needs, such as getting food. Studies by the World Bank shows the number of families living in poverty goes over 760 million. Poverty and hunger are associated.

The educational effect is another result of world hunger. Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to world hunger and its impact. School-going children are typically between the age of three and fourteen years. These years are critical because they are referred to as the formative years. It is said that children rarely forget what happens to them during these periods. Many school-going children have succumbed to nutritional illnesses that have adversely affected their learning. Secondly, some children go to school on empty stomachs. Such children often have poor concentration in class because they do not have the energy to keep them going. Some of these children are usually forced to do manual jobs in search of food, and in so doing, they miss school. Hunger is, therefore, one of the causes of low attendance in the hunger-stricken counties globally.

Moreover, the lack of food means that children will lack some of the essential nutrients that are needed for proper brain formation. Omega-three that is found in foods like fish, for example, is critical in brain formation. Since hunger deprives the children of such foods, their brain development is equally hampered, and this affects their education (Kent, 2015). Also, in areas where hunger is being experienced, parents often lack money to take their children to school.

Desertification is a natural cause that affects world hunger. This is when land becomes very dry, losing bodies of water, vegetation, and wildlife. An example where decertification has affected the growth of livestock is in the Sahel. Since 1950 the land in the Sahel has slowly changed to become a desert, the soil became useless when all the topsoil got carried away, and all was left was rocks this resulted in plants dying because the roots couldn’t unravel through the layer. Therefore, this once again resulted in little to no growth of crops, which left the people in the Sahel suffering from starvation and depending on food aid to survive.

Political causes of economics coincidentally the people suffering the most from malnutrition live in the most deprived area, and sadly improvements in developing countries do not occur due to the economy. Although some of these areas are provided with food aid, it does not benefit the issue of world hunger in the long run. To build a well-working city, it must be filled with healthy and educated individuals; hence, instead of providing the poor with food aid, there should be changes in the economy to help create a more stable community. Moreover, the famine in these countries will only successfully change by creating a productive environment when the price of living is continuously rising. These people do not make enough money to survive and keep up with the economy. Conflict such as war is another political aspect that plays a role in world hunger. Hungry can be used as a weapon itself in war, depriving local towns of food by destroying their livestock and other food-producing regions (Armed conflict and hunger). Also, farming decreases during a time of war due to the fear of being attacked and because the land mining and posing of wells releases unsafe chemicals into the soil, forcing people to move out of the area for good (Armed conflict and hunger). Therefore it is not a coincidence that where most of the world conflicts place are also food-deprived countries.

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