How Technology Is Driving the Health Care Industry Essay

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Date:  2022-05-26

How technology is driving the Health Care Industry and how technology supports marketing strategies

Technology drives the healthcare industry. Technology helps determine how care is provided to the patients. Technology determines how effective patients receive care. For example, technology determines how cancer patients receive their chemotherapy is a less-painful manner.

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Technology also determines how the patients interact with the healthcare providers. Innovations such as the internet, iPods, and social media make it easy for the patients to interact with their care providers and also keep good records.

Technology also determines how efficient a healthcare organization works. Good technology helps ensure that the records of the patients are well kept and also that their needs are prioritized before the needs of any other people in the organization.

Technology can be used in a healthcare organization can support the marketing strategies of an organization. It can be used to make the marketing procedures easier. It can be used to collect lots of data (through artificial intelligence), manage data, create amazing content, and even store the clients' data.

How Hispanics and African Americans they are being impacted by the Health Care System

While healthcare has been improving drastically over the years, it is sad that the African Americans, as well as the Hispanics, are quite yet to experience these changes. 1 out of 4 African Americans is likely to suffer from diabetes (Pearl, 2015). While this is sad news, it is sad that in all America, cases of leg amputations are ten times likely to happen to African Americans and Hispanics than other races.

However, the slight improvements are greatly alleviating the health problems that these minority races face in America.

How health care providers are responding to these minorities from the marketing standpoint

Given the problems that the minorities are facing when it comes to healthcare issues, the health care providers are working to change the marketing strategies to benefit the minorities. This is being done by changing the healthcare messages to reach the minority (Pearl, 2015). This includes coming up with strategies that the minorities can easily achieve and also making healthy products to be cheaper and easily accessible.

In recent years, there has been a growing attempt to measure the performance of healthcare providers. The federal government has published data on how hospitals are compared to acceptable clinical standards with regard to pneumonia. Explain how these data may affect the consumer decision-making process.

Consumers care more about the kind of care that they receive (Elwyn et al., 2013). This is the reason they are likely to take a keen interest in the reports provided by the government concerning the standards of the organizations in regards to pneumonia.

Thus, for any healthcare organizations that the government gives a good report about, consumers are more likely to seek services from such organizations. Consumers are likely to shy away from healthcare providers who are seen to have clinical standards that are below par (Elwyn et al., 2013).

On what level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs would you place each of the following decisions?

(a) Buying health insurance


(b) Going skiing

Social needs

(c) Following a low-fat diet?


An example (from yourself, relative, or friend) of cognitive dissonance after deciding on attending healthcare service.

A friend of mine made a decision to eat healthy and exercise after finding out that the decision he had made to only take junk food was a bad decision for his health. This was after attending the healthcare service and learning about the dangers of unhealthy living.

Applying decision freedom in selecting health care services

I have learned that it is essential to make right decisions when it comes to selecting health care services. When a relative of mine was diagnosed with diabetes, we had to look for the best health-care where we were sure that she would be taken care of efficiently.


Elwyn, G., Barr, P. J., Grande, S. W., Thompson, R., Walsh, T., & Ozanne, E. M. (2013). Developing CollaboRATE: A fast and frugal patient-reported measure of shared decision making in clinical encounters. Patient Education and Counseling, 93(1), 102-107. doi:10.1016/j.pec.2013.05.009

Pearl, R. M.D. (2015, March 6). Why Health Care Is Different If You're Black, Latino Or Poor. Retrieved from

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