How Effective Are the Different Sales Promotions in Bel Syry Cesko Limited? - Paper Example

Paper Type:  Research paper
Pages:  4
Wordcount:  920 Words
Date:  2022-08-05


This research paper aims to give an outline of the overview of the problems linked to the sales promotion strategies using qualitative research methods to help come up with a viable solution to use in Bel Syry Cesko firm that deals with the processing and production of cheese. The research criteria would involve the tasting of the cheese to ascertain the effect of tasting the same products on the manner in which the clients would purchase the same products. With such research, it would be easier to conclude the effectiveness of the tasting on the promotion of sales of the cheese (Jang, Kim, Song & Kim, 2018). The paper also finds out generally how customers perceive the idea of tasting food. The formulated research problems in this paper include:

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  1. The analysis of the current products from Bel firm
  2. The introduction of the new cheese samples to the potential customers
  3. Build and create awareness of the firm
  4. Cary out support on the ongoing consumer competition based on the cheese products

Through the process of questioning, the information regarding the research problems was gained, and this helped in the generation and the analysis of the market situation of the products on the firm. There is the need for the research to bring out the clear strategy used by the firm in its marketing sector. Marketing distinguishes from the process of selling the commodities. The method of selling goods and services aims at convincing the clients to buy products produced by the firm. On the other hand, the marketing process aims at the ensuring that the firm provides and sell the commodities that are in demand by the customers. The marketing process then tries to carry out investigations into the needs of the customer by readjusting the development of the products to fit the desires of the customers in the form of the price, promotion, package, and design on the same products. The sales promotion carried out by the firm aims at providing some benefits to both the firm and the clients (Goic, Alvarez & Montoya, 2018). It seeks to supply information on the existence of the new cheese processed by Bel while at the same time stimulating the demand for the products. The process of stimulation, in this case, would be significant in the promotion of the brand image and also in the increase of the total sales by the firm without a drop in the price of the products. The firms have the responsibility of differentiating the firm from the cheese products.

The process of differentiation would be significant in the creation of a specific image in the homologous market. The same act helps in ensuring that the clients are kept informed about the particular characteristics of the cheese products produced by the firm. Another important goal of the promotion by Bel is to persuade the customers of the purchase of the new cheese products. This gesture would help the firm in the creation of personal contacts with the clients, other firms, and also in the production of favourable conditions. There is the need to stress the value and utility of the cheese products that would go a long way into the realization of the advantages that clients would gain by becoming part of the produced goods. The same gesture would also help the firm in acquiring a higher price or the rights to higher rates in the competitive market. Finally, the promotion done by the firm would help in the consolidation of the more extended relationships (De Vries & Duque, 2018). The connections would be gained both in the public domain and among the customers. The gesture here would help the firm in identifying the target group and the others in the same market. Bel can ensure that it does not solely rely on the advertisements, but to bring in the aspects of confidence though production of quality products, sponsorships, good environmental policies, humanitarian activities, and the low pricing mechanism.


The choice of the promotion tools used Bel in its marketing strategies must be linked to the product lifecycle of the cheese. The implementation stage is served mainly by the advertisement and the public relations tools. At this stage, the process of sales promotion represents the introduction of new products into the market and thus would stimulate the initial purchases and the personal gain in the method of distribution of the cheese products. The next stage is the maturity and growth stage that is dogged by the entry of competition into the market space. This stage tries to interlink the personal sales processes with the aims of the market to help in the spreading of the risks and distribution. Finally, there is the decline stage where the acts of sales promotion and advertisement grow even stronger alongside the public relations. At this stage, there are minimal personal sales made (Jang, Kim, Song & Kim, 2018). However, it is important for Bel to harmonize the tools used in the process to help come up with a synergic effect in the ever competitive food industry.


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