How Has Graduation Impacted My Life? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-23


My graduation ceremony marks an integral part of my entire career as it venerates the whole input I endured during my entire study. By attaining my degree seem worthless without the graduation ceremony as it forms the last celebration in the entire academic circle (Wodtke et al., 719). Tentatively, it is imperative to note that, the graduation ceremony encompasses the rite of passage from being a student to complete graduate mandated and fully empowered to go out and bring the negated contribution in their respective field of study. Notably, the magnitude of honor attained at a pass out during graduation ceremony help provide the needed attributes to help unlock the future opportunities.

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Based on my personal reflection, the graduation as a rite of passages has greatly contributed to the comprehensive approach I often employ while making just decisions related to seeking opportunities. Significantly, the entire prospects surrounding my graduation are a complete fulfillment of academic success by meeting the relevant requirements in the prescribed field of study. It is worth acknowledging the fact that; the graduation tends to provide the public avenue upon which students receive their certification to mark the qualification in the respective field of study. Conversely, this public avenue provides by graduation has provided a great mind shift in my entire career since from that instance I felt completely empowered to face the real world with the acquired skills to help transform the entire society. However, my graduation has poised a positive contribution in the line of the career as it marked a new beginning into new adventures and a complete shift in the priorities afterward (Wodtke et al., 719). In addition, it also provided me with the needed opportunity to rediscover myself in the outside realm; this self-discovery helps unravel the underlying opportunities as spelled from the graduation ceremony. From the graduation ceremony, I have since then enjoyed a cordial relationship from my parents along with the entire society; this atmosphere is created by public declaration at the graduation ceremony. On the other hand, from my graduation, several opportunities seem to available due to the fact that I emerged top in the entire class.

Similarly, upon my graduation, it has become a routine my lifestyle to adopt an independent life with the aim of self-discovery. The declaration made by various speakers more so from the vice-chancellor, which clearly stated that all graduands are fully empowered to bring change in the entire society is one greatest moment and advice that propels me along in my entire career. Today, I tend to feel I am fully equipped with the relevant attributes and skills and since then have been molded into independent citizen from the public declaration at the graduation ceremony. My gown signifies a waxing feeling as it reminds me of the magnitude of the legitimacy I received during my transition at the graduation ceremony (Wodtke et al., 719).


I tend to acknowledge my graduation ceremony, as it brings a sense of realization of a new being as it commemorates a completely new beginning. Apparently, the graduation ceremonies have provided me with the legitimacy of the transition from being a student into a fully equipped person within the career. My graduation ceremony has been a defining moment in my entire life and career, as it helps boost my self-esteem and confidence as it is my best day. On the same account, this memorable moment depicts a success after devoting time and the relevant resources; therefore it is one of the key pillars in my entire career. In conclusion, the graduation ceremony has enabled me commenced a new lifestyle, since it forms a transition a roadmap towards being a responsible citizen within my career (Wodtke et al., 719).

Work Cited

Wodtke, Geoffrey T., David J. Harding, and Felix Elwert. "Neighborhood effects in temporal perspective: The impact of long-term exposure to concentrated disadvantage on high school graduation." American Sociological Review 76.5 (2011): 713-736.

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