Homer's The Odyssey Book 12

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Odyssey was able to give a demonstration of input leadership in Book 12 in many ways. However, there were a series of situations of human calamities that arose when leaders were absent. When Odysseus had his crew preparing to set the sail from Aegean, the circle confirmed and gave him a warning about the impending danger that was going to be encountered. These were the sirens who were the ones who lure men into their death. Scylla and Charybdis who had their representatives ravenous appetite and in addition to that they had whirling vortex and as he had heard from Teiresias and the temptation to feed on the cattle belonging to Helos the God of the sun.

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Despite Odysseus mental preparedness to ensure the obstacle, he had to ensure that he has prepared himself very well and always knew that, in his mind, he was responsible for his crew members and his ship but not just for himself. The effectiveness of his leadership over demanded that must maintain a distance from the men and to make sure that their involvement was reassured so that they may follow the instruction and not the authority from this concept

Human calamities would have been experienced if not for Odysseus who was willing to lead and to conjure their obstacles. The sirens would have killed his crew members. The danger that arose from sirens was their irresistible singing. Once the men heard them, they were so much compelled, and they would continue hearing them. The only safer circle for the people was not to listen to them (JONES, MILTON. 33). Odysseus, therefore, had to be much attentive and to be aware. If not for his leadership skills, his men would have been affected by the siren continues singing. He told his men to stick their ears with wax so that they may not be listening to the siren singing.

The Scylla and Charybdis were the controllers of the massive rock on each side of the narrow canal passage in which can run a fierce current. The crew, therefore, had to maintain the ship and ensured that they passed through the same point between them. On one side, there was Scylla who was having a monster that was six headed and had an insatiable appetite, therefore with their long neck she could gobble up the men who were on the ship who came near to them.

Therefore in case, they had no leader, they would have been gobbled up by the Six-headed monster. Getting too close to the other side meant that death was ascertained to them since no route will lead to their escape. Odysseus beats himself for their deaths despite that he knows that the survival of the entire ship had been the paramount concern and the decision that he made had been ensured. Therefore in case, there were no leaders who guided the ship and the crew members, there would be human calamities that would have occurred.

According to Exodus 32, we see the first scene where it focuses on people in the absence of Moses as their leader. There are calamities that the people faced since they had lost their leader and their fighter who was Moses. Moses, however, was requested with God in an extension in which there was an executive session (JONES, MILTON. 38). The people grew afraid sive Moses was long gone. When people saw Moses had delayed to come down from the mountain, the people decided to gather around Aaron and spoke to him to make a god for them.

According to the last phrase it especially worth nothing just like most heresies it was half true. Were the people ready to get it right? Was Moses the one who brought the Israelites out of Egypt? Based on a human level, he was the one who did all that. Moses was a vessel in which God used him to bring the people of Israel out of the bondage and slavery. On a more profound understanding, people did not get it right since it was God who brought them out of the bondage to the land that they were promised.

However, when Moses delayed up in the mountain, people approached Aaron and told him to make them a physical god whom they could see and touch. Aron, therefore, collected the costume jewelry from all the people, melt them down and then constructed a golden calf for them. He then said to them that Israel, this is your God who brought you from Egypt the land of bondage. Therefore this text depicts the fact that the absence of leadership can bring many calamities. These calamities were depicted from the fact that Moses delayed on the Mountain and people grew Impatient. When Aaron molded the golden calf, he broke the commandment of not worshipping other gods but the true God.

However, according to the text, Aaron is somehow right, and at some point he is wrong. The first mistake was that he made a false God for the people to worship (Odom, Jeremy 45). Secondly, Aaron knew well that Moses was not the one, who bought them out of Egypt, but it was God, and therefore to proclaim festival to God, he made a resemblance of a statue so that people may follow. However, God had forbidden the making of false images to represent God.

When Moses was at the top of the mountain when God was consulting Moses, he was able to know that Aaron had made the golden bull for the people to worship. He knew that the people had done wrong down the mountain. God told Moses to go down at once since his people when he had brought out of the bondage of In another scene. When Moses was at the top of the mountain when God was consulting Moses, he was able to know that Aron had made the golden bull for the people to worship. he knew that the people had done wrong down the mountain. God told Moses to go down at once since his people when he had brought out of the bondage of Egypt have acted Perversely. They had created for themselves a golden bull, and they were singing, sacrificing and making sacrifices on it.

Here we see how God does unthinkable. He decided to offer a scrap to the descendants of Abraham and have another start with the descendants of Moses. The absence of leadership for the Israelites led to God's wrath. Now let me alone, so that my rage my burn against them and that I may destroy them and from you, a great nation will arise. This is what God had told Abraham in the book of Genesis. God had a promise on Abraham about having great descendants.

Therefore in the final scene in the book of Exodus 32, Moses is finally the one in the story which tells the truth and only the truth. He says that Israel is Gods people that He brought them from the land of bondage Egypt. Moses, however, is a great leader who wanted God to force the Israelites. Moses reminded God to bot his descendants, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel how God had spread to them and give those promises. Moses, therefore, threw back the signs that God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. Therefore the absence of leadership in this context is depicted by the fact that the people of Israelites face a lot of challenges and punishment from God due to their disobedience and breaking of Gods commandments.

Long before the Athenians realized their radical direct democracy, Homer's odyssey started to teach them about the excellent leadership to the Greeks. The Odyssey transmitted orally over the many centuries that has ever been written down the powerfully change old Greeks ideas on what constituted a good leadership. The odyssey began by putting emphasizes on the greedy and the irresponsible leadership which made the communal life to be toleratable for every individual. In contrast, a good leader should have more respect for the obligation to his people and should bear in mind that they must respect one another.

The story started when the Greek warrior Odysseus has been shipwrecked on his way after they had conquered Troy. However, Odysseus is marooned on an island that was located in the middle of nowhere. His absence led to the powerful men of his community to take over his household. They were slaughtering all of his cattle's and drinking up the whines that he had and not forgetting they mistreated all of his family members (Odom, Jeremy 67).

In conclusion, God believed in the Hebrew leader Moses who was chosen to the savior of the Israelites who was in the bondage of the Egyptians through Moses who was the leader; the Israelites were able to be. Even though the Israelites had sinned worshipping other God, Moses was able to pledge with God to forgive the Israelites a give them another chance. Therefore God gave the Israelites another chance through Moses, and he gave the other promises. He liberated the people of Israel out of Egypt and imposed a covenantal obligation on them on Mt Sinai, and then he brought them to the land that God had promised them. Therefore from this context of homers the Odyssey Book12 and Exodus 32, we see how human calamities arose with the absence of the leadership.

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