Health System Assessment: Mayo Clinic

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A comprehensive healthcare system is vital in any healthcare institution as it enables healthcare managers as well as other institutional administrators to undertake fundamental functions to improve healthcare outcomes effectively. However, in many healthcare institutions across all countries, there is always a wide variation in healthcare outcome often brought by health system performance. According to Shanafelt & Noseworthy (2017), some of these variations are caused by weak information systems, poor use of resources as well as inefficient health workforce. Therefore, decision-makers in healthcare institutions at any level need to understand and quantify these variations in performances in order to articulate policies that improve health system performance.

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System Foundation

The Mayo Clinic is one of the earliest and most integrated nonprofit academic and medical group practice in the world. Its unique style of care draws different medical experts from around the globe to provide high-quality research as well as compassionate and affordable medical services to its patients. Governed by a common system and a philosophy that prioritizes patients, scientists, and physicians from every medical specialty conduct innovative research across the spectrum of medicine to discover new treatments that benefit their patients extensively. In particular, the clinic employs close to 5000 scientists and physicians together with over 58,000 administrative and allied health workers with its main campus in Rochester, Minnesota ("Mayo Clinic's Campus in Arizona"). It also has other compasses in Phoenix, Arizona, and Jacksonville, Florida focused on overall clinical practices, research, and education. Additionally, the clinic has shares and operates the Mayo Clinic Health system with over thirty thousand employees and approximately eighty hospitals across the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The values that are put in place to guide Mayo Clinic's mission on a daily basis are the unique expression of the intentions and the vision of the organization's co-founders; the Sisters of Saint Francis and the initial Mayo physicians, and the board of trustees which is the current governing body of Mayo Clinic. According to ("An Inside Look at the Mayo Clinic" ), Mayo Clinic's vision is to inspire hope to its patients, and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. The clinic's value practice prioritizes the needs of its patients with a vision of providing an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner of healthcare. The Board of Trustees is the main governing body of Mayo Clinic with an overall function and responsibility in regards to patient care, scientific research, educational missions as well as charitable practices as stated in the organization's articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board is also responsible for the elections of officers and the directors of Mayo Clinic who are in charge of overseeing and conducting the activities of Mayo Clinic. They include:

  • Chair, Board of Trustees
  • CEO and President
  • CAO and Vice President
  • Interim Vice President, Mayo Clinic and CEO, Mayo Clinic Arizona
  • Vice President, Mayo Clinic and CEO, Mayo Clinic Florida

System Resources

Mayo Clinic services and technologies are always efficient and progressing to meet the hospital's clinical and research needs due to the availability of human and financial resources. For instance, according to research, the clinic has about 35,0000 employees at its main campus in Rochester, Minnesota and the additional sites of Jacksonville and Phoenix employ a total of 12,000 individuals ("An Inside Look at the Mayo Clinic). Additionally, Mayo Clinic operates over 70 clinics and hospitals with over 17,000 employees. Similarly, the company has consistently ventured into different technologies to help bring different inventions to the market place. For example, the clinic uses equipment such as radiation dose recording, trans-oral reactor, stem cell delivery device, and Ostomy. Financially, the clinic continues to provide the best care for its patients through investing in clinical practice, education, and research. It spends over $600 million annually on research related capital projects alone. Total clinical practice and education funding add up to almost $1 billion annually. Moreover, Mayo Clinic participates in community health needs where it contributes over $500 million in charity and another $468 million in unpaid portions of Medicaid annually (Kourelis et al., 2016).

System Processes

In 2016, US News and World Report ranked Mayo Clinic as the number one hospital in the United States as it offers more specialties than any other clinic within the US. Through research and innovation, the clinic is able to conduct a near-total face transplant. The clinic has also ventured in senescent cells research which has significantly helped in treating cancer patients ("Mayo Clinic, Oxford to collaborate on research and innovation"). In terms of market, Mayo Clinic through its campuses in Rochester, Jacksonville, and Phoenix, serves close to 80 communities in the Upper Midwest. Through the Mayo Clinic Health System in these locations, the clinic cares for more than one million patients annually. The company's marketing strategy relies on a few key principles. For instance, Mayo Clinic has fully embraced digital marketing which started early on. Similarly, the clinic has managed to build its client base by building patient communities where patients can belong. Additionally, the clinic has managed to stay on top of other health providers by constantly engaging in medical innovations. All these strategies have given Mayo Clinic a place not just in the broader local markets but also in the global market.

System Outcome

A healthy community often needs more than just access to medical services. At Mayo Clinic, the commitment to patients' health extends beyond the clinical practices. The clinic engages in community initiatives to ensure that the hospital environment and the surrounding communities remain a great place to learn, work and raise families. Ideally, with constant innovation, Mayo Clinic can generate a more global impact on clinical practices as well as research programs which can be used to avail a more quality and cost-effective services. These innovations can also be very useful in increasing the clinic's partnership globally.


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