H-E-B: A US$25B Giant in Supermarket Industry With Effective Teamwork-Focused Structure - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-12


H-E-B is an American supermarket that is under private management. The company is based in San Antonio and Texas. It has more than 350 retail stores throughout the United States. It also operates a central market. Its revenue accumulation as of 2017 surpassed US$25 billion (HEB, 2020). It has an effective organizational structure that encourages teamwork. An organizational structure refers to the organization of departments within a company. It defines how operations like task allocation and supervision are conducted towards the accomplishment of corporate objectives. Company structure affects organizational events and offers a foundation on which operating procedures operate (Teske & Schneider, 2016). Each department within the organization carries out a specialized function while collaborating to achieve company goals and values.

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Mission Statement

The organization promotes its mission to keep sustainable strategies by reinforcing local farmers and social welfare to benefit workers, clients, and the community.

Vision Statement

The Organization aims at keeping promises. It partners taking a stand as a team to establish the most significant retailing organization.

Below is the HEB company structure

Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer also acknowledged as the president is the highest-ranking person in the hierarchy. He is responsible for the overall success of the company, and they also make critical managerial decisions. They might ask for input on significant decisions; however, they are the ultimate authority in final decision making (Ammons, & Newell, 2013). The president reports directly to the Board of directors and is held accountable for the performance of the company. Besides, the overall success of the company, the president is responsible for leading the implementation and development of long-term strategies for increasing shareholder value. The following are some of the roles and responsibilities of the CEO.

  • He communicates on behalf of the organization with shareholders, the public as well as government entities
  • Leading in the implementation and development of the organization's short and long-term strategies.
  • He ensures that the organization contributes to the CSR programs wherever it conducts
  • He sets strategic goals and makes sure that they are SMART.

Office Manager

These are employees who are responsible for the administrative operations of a business organization. They perform financial, administrative as well as managerial duties. They ensure that day-to-day activities are running smoothly. The responsibilities of office managers include:

  • They organize for meetings and manage databases
  • They book for transport as well as accommodation
  • They arrange for the events of the company
  • They order for furniture and stationery.

Vice President - Operations

A VP of operations is a company leader who utilizes their experience and knowledge to make correct decisions to ensure the sustainability and profitability of the company. They plan, coordinate, and oversee activities in the company. Also, they provide development as well as the implementation of efficient activities and cost-effective frameworks to meet the contemporary and future needs of the company. Their responsibilities include:

  • They appoint department managers and assign them duties
  • They assess the performance of the company in meeting objectives and identify where costs can be minimized, areas that need improvement, and what ought to be changed.
  • They confer with employees to discuss problems, coordinate operations, or resolve issues.
  • They take corrective action to resolve company problems

Vice President - Marketing

A VP of marketing is a marketing professional who takes responsibility for the overall marketing outcomes of a company. He oversees marketing strategies and exertions to strengthen the organization's market position and attain desired business goals (Ammons, & Newell, 2013). They develop and execute a cohesive marketing plan to improve brand awareness. Their responsibilities include:

  • They design and asses the budget of the marketing department
  • They establish rapport with stakeholders as well as media through creative public relation strategies
  • They monitor and improve marketing campaigns when necessary
  • They prioritize marketing projects and distribute resources fairly

Vice President - Finance

A VP of finance is a company leader with accounting skills who provides essential financial and administrative services for better decision making. These services include capital planning, financial analysis, and reporting (Herman, 2016). They also provide professional advice and policy recommendations to ensure that the company complies with financial obligations. Their responsibilities in the organization include:

  • They analyze the organization's financial outcomes for returns, trends, expenses, and compliance with budgets.
  • They offer strategic guidance around financing alternatives to support the organization's growth needs.
  • They establish and coordinate all relationships with financial institutions

Sales Manager

These are the conductors of the organization's revenue engine. They establish and support high-performance teams and lead them to create hit revenue predictions and meet the needs of the customer. Their responsibilities in the organization include:

  • They successfully manage the sales team to ensure that they achieve growth and reach sales targets.
  • They design and execute a strategic business plan that increases the organization's customer base.
  • They set objectives, coaches, and monitors the performance of the sales representative.

Sales Representative

A sales representative is an expert whose role within an organization is to sell the goods or services that they offer. They usually sell non-technical goods, implying that neither the seller nor the customer needs to have specialized knowledge on how to use the commodity in question. The majority of these professionals work directly for the provider of the goods they sell. Their usual clients are other organizations who sell their products directly to the final client (Teske & Schneider, 2016). They reach out to potential customers, present products, answer questions, and discuss the prices. Their responsibilities include:

  • They prepare weekly and monthly reports
  • They develop and submit sales agreement for orders
  • They maintain the records of their customers
  • They answer customer questions concerning credit terms, goods and prices

The main objective of business organizations is to generate profits and achieve other long-term goals of the organization. The mission and vision statements play an essential role in defining the goals and objectives of the company to the employees. They help employees to stay focused on the core objectives of the organization and therefore implying that their responsibility ties to the mission and vision statement of the company.


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