Transformation of the IT Department Into a CIO Organization Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-19

This memo is to inform you of the changes that I wish to implement in the aforementioned department in KY Logistics & Distribution Company (KYLOD). The need for transformation is due to the formation of a new unit in the organization, and the necessity to support the organization's information technology strategy.

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As the CIO and a member of the senior leadership team of KYLOD, I intend to use three leadership philosophies. One, the team leadership model, which basically emphasizes on diagnosing a problem in an organization, and taking appropriate measures to manage it (Northouse, 2018). I will also exercise transformational theory and path-goal theory of leadership. Since the change will affect all the operations in the organization, there is a need to bring all staffs on board (Bratton, & Gold, 2017). Therefore, using persuasive management style will be more likely to bring better outcomes.

While managing information, my office has schemes to execute internal IT strategies. The strategies are as I have highlighted in the table below:

  • Clarify the engagement process between the IT department and staffs, as well as their roles. People Staffs will be sure of who to contact for services relating to IT
  • Simplify and align the relationship between staffs and the IT organization model People The otherwise complex will be simpler
  • Formulate a multi-level board of governance Process IT requests it will be formal and easy to prioritize.
  • Establish performance metrics for IT Process There will be unlimited metrics relating to IT
  • To formulate a future-oriented IT design Technology This will solve the system instabilities for the organization.

Different from the former IT department, CIO intends to collaborate will all other organs of the organization to work towards the common goals of KYLOD. Also, the management style will ensure that information within the organization is handled with utmost care to ensure effective operation. Also, the organization's relationships with other partners are also set to improve due to proper communication and information structure.

Hence, in the CIO department, changes will affect even the services provided. The table highlights below highlights some of the changes:

  • Virtual administration IT will manage the operations of the organization
  • Technical consultation IT ideally manages information relating to the running of the organization
  • Pre-configured solution IT develops a contingency plan to manage risks
  • Strategy IT draws plans that are required to achieve set goals
  • Process consultation The department formulates possible roadmaps to processes in the organization

The new unit in the organization will yield benefits that the current IT department missed. Again, the changes will not only solve the organization's current problems but even the unforeseen eventualities.


Bratton, J., & Gold, J. (2017). Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice. Palgrave.

Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications.

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