User Experience: Usability & Satisfaction From Apple Website - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-01


User experience mainly draws from the term usability. Usability, in this case, relates to the easiness of use besides learning of a particular object that is mostly human-made. An excellent example of usability is with software engineering whereby the term usability refers to the level to which a given software brings forth satisfaction to its consumers. Therefore, in this paper, I intend to delve into the usability or preferably user experience and satisfaction drawn from the Apple website.

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With usability being involved with allowing users to achieve their respective end objectives from a given product or service, Apple, in this case, happens to be a well usable website to any given user. They are having used this particular website before I can attest to having an outstanding experience. The overall appearance of Apple's website stands out to be minimalist, like besides being elegant, an aspect that gives every user this great first impression. The fundamental purpose of Apple's website is to both advertise as well as sell their products. Apple, on the other hand, through its website, eyes, or instead targets an audience that mostly averages from the age of 30-45 with 1 out of 4 people using their products that is from the age 18-30.

Apple being among the largest technology companies, undoubtedly carries with it credibility, for example, in this case, when it comes to its website. Apple ensures an easily accessible homepage that is simple, clean besides being modern and welcoming. These aspects make it easy to navigate for customers allowing room for showing off products in addition to making them a key focus. Finding products with Apple's site was more than comfortable for me. I was, for instance, looking to find out the specs for the all-new Air Pods pro. I got to prove my search fruitful since all information was available besides readable through the search prompt from the homepage hence getting all the information on the product.

Apple's bright design aspect lessens distraction making the website more than intuitive to use. Also, with the Apple website, errors such as broken links and downtime are as well not issues that users ought to encounter hence making it ultimately usable besides guaranteeing a satisfactory experience that any given user seeks from using any given product or service.


In conclusion, some of the critical aspects that stand out when it comes to the use of the Apple website include credibility, design, accessibility, and clarity. Reliability, for instance, is a very crucial aspect that each user seeks. Lack of credibility for any given site comes along with no trust from consumers in this case. Apple's reputation over the years solely helps the company and website, in this case, stand for itself hence bringing about an outstanding trust that enhances user experience drawn from this particular website by its consumers.

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