Genocide and Disasters Annotated Bibliography

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Date:  2022-05-17

Melvern, Linda. Conspiracy to murder: The Rwandan genocide. Verso, 2006.

Conspiracy to murder is a scholarly article by Melvren Linda a researcher and author about the Rwandan genocide. Linda conducted first-hand research on the genocide and came up with this conclusive article. Ranging from Habyarimana and how he led his massacre on the Tutsi minority to the monstrous crimes against humanity Linda has it all covered in this article. This source was resourceful in providing vital information about the case of human monsters.

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Everitt, David. Human Monsters: An illustrated encyclopedia of the world's most vicious murderers. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1993.

"Human monsters," an encyclopedia by Everitt David contains well-illustrated profiles of some of the top-ranking murderers in the history of humanity. The book is well organized and with a table of contents that enables the researcher to find the required information quickly. The book got published in 1993 the book doesn't cover more recent human monsters, but there is well-detailed coverage of those that came before the publication date. Everitt David has gone into great depth to provide vital information about these human murderers including their bio-data, the era during which their terrific reigns occurred and an estimate of the victims who suffered under their regime. With profiles of prolific monsters such as Luis Garavito of Colombia to Yang Xinhai, the book has been able to shed light on the human murderers of the 1900's. Although the sources of this information are not provided, the info matches that published in other materials about the same individuals.

Nikiforov, Yuri, and Douglas R. Gnepp. "Pediatric thyroid cancer after the Chernobyl disaster. Pathomorphological study of 84 cases (1991-1992) from the Republic of Belarus." Cancer 74.2 (1994): 748-766.

The Chernobyl guide is an educational site that contains informative research and information about one of the most catastrophic disasters that human beings have encountered. The site is well organized, and any kind of information sought after about the Chernobyl accident is easy to find. Most of the information is followed up with pictures that help the reader to have a pictorial vividness of the topic section at hand. Providing detailed research about the Chernobyl disaster that happened on 26, April 1986 as a result of a nuclear accident, the Chernobyl guide offers one of the most crucial and deep insights into the human monsters' case. The information on this site dates from 2001 to 2016. Being a local news source, the site can be relied upon to provide reliable evidence on the happenings of the case under study. The nuclear accident occurred at the nuclear power plant "Chernobyl" located at Pripyat in Ukraine.

Madeline, Roe. "The physiological and physical effects of the Hiroshima in 1945" Washington state university 29 August 2014. Accessed 7 August 2018.

This is an informative post published in the fall of 2014 by Madeline that gives a detailed look at both the physical and physiological effects of the Hiroshima atomic bombing. With a lot of positive feedback from its readers including Clif Stratton, a renowned historian, the post is a credible source for human monster activities. The post also contains a list of the works cited thus going to show that the author used approved methods of research while writing the article. The flow of events in the post is sequential therefore making it easy to comprehend. There is also a feedback email and telephone number that readers can get at the writer through. These factors all contributed to making this post a credible source.

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