Research Paper on 9/11: America's Worst Terrorist Attack

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Date:  2023-03-26


The terrorism of September 11 refers to a series of plane hijacking and suicides orchestrated in the year two thousand and one y nineteen militants inclined to the terror group of Islamic radicals al-Qaeda, which targeted the united states of America. The attack emerged as the most horrific terrorist act on American soil in history since the attacks hit New York City and Washington dc. The attack resulted in a significant number of casualties that forced the united federal government to wage war against terrorists. This paper gives a detailed discussion of the famous 9/11 attack and the impact the terror attack posed on the general public and the American government in power during the attack.

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Unfolding of the Events of 9/11 Terrorist Activity

The attacks registered death toll of 2750 individuals in new York, 184 people at the pentagon, and Pennslyvania recorded 40 deaths (Bergen, 2019). One of the planes, however, crashed among spirited fight between hijackers and passengers who tried to repossess control of aircraft, and all the terrorists aboard the aircraft perished.

The attack involved the death of several firefighters and police officers who tried to respond to the accident of the plane crash. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed emerged as the principal planner of the attack (Bergen, 2019). The character spent his teenage years in Kuwait, where he became a member of the Muslim brotherhood, where he enrolled at a tender age of i6 and later travelled to the united states of America for his higher education. Mohammed then, after completion of his studies, travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan to wage war against the communist countries that had invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Effect of the Terrorist Attack on the City Dwellers

The 9/11 terrorist attack painted an ugly reality for the city dwellers who had to watch the heart of business reduced to nothing as they watched helplessly. The twin towers of New York went down to ashes, and this meant an individual loss as that of the economy. The first effect on city dwellers comprised of deaths that arose from the collapse of the twin towers that rendered a lot of people widows, widowers, and orphans (Foner, 2005). Several people got separated from the people they loved, and others escaped death by a whisker only to live a miserable life after accrued injuries resulting from the activities of the terrorism.

Social Effect

The attack o the world trade centre during the terrorism activity of September 9 changed the face of new York to its dwellers forever. The residents had to see what looked beautiful before their eyes and those of the world as total shackles and a reminder of doom that contributed to the loss of life. The twin towers had over a long time turned as the symbol of the city and provided a working environment to over thirty thousand people(Foner, 2005). The bombing of the two building meant loss of the city image and the failure of job opportunities housed in the towers. This bombing greatly affected the lively hood of the city dwellers negatively.

Residential and Ethnic Communities Impact

There existed areas of the residence that neighboured the lower Manhattan where a dozen people dwelled. The livelihood of these cities woul not run as expected(Foner, 2005). The battery park and Tribeca experienced health issues and loss of business opportunities. This neighbourhood boasted of the whites and superficially intelligent persons. The people who dwelled here, however, overcame the challenge of the terror attack and helped to rebuild the city.

Impact on the Cab Drivers

When a disaster hits a busy town, the businesses suffer the most since everything comes to a stop. The New York taxi business had experienced a significant change since the terror attack happened. The drivers attested the fall in the market, which they earlier loved and made enough earnings from the changing lifestyle of the people(Foner, 2005). All the people and the neighbourhood changed, and the business stopped flowing as it used to run before the attack.

Workers on the Chinese Garment Industry

The workers in china town, a locality in New York, formed part of the residents that felt the impact of the terror activity of 2001(Foner, 2005). The region appears a small distance away from the twin towers of New York, and the destruction of the building extended to china town. There existed a prohibition curfew to non-resident pedestrians and those who used vehicles in the first eight days after the attack. This restriction led to the incurring of losses by the garment industry since most of the company workers could not attend their duties to movement restriction.

How Police Responded to the Terror Attack of 2001

Despite the attack occurring as an emergency, the police departments in the united states of American responded amicably to save the situation that seemed out of hand. Although the hope of the victims of the terror attack resting on the policymakers, the police and fire departments acted as the first respondents to come to the aid of these victims ("Reaction to 9/11", 2018). They provided the medical and evacuation services to the people ad ensured that the casualties do not escalate. The port authorities also educated the civilians on the need for preparedness in the event of a similar attack, and the fire department helped trough the conduction of fire drills. The police in New York also imposes a curfew that ensured the restriction of movement of the residents to ensure total control of the attack, and this helped in calming the mass.

How the Government Responded to the 2001 Terror Attack in the US

There existed different reactions from different individuals and organizations after the twin tower and other bombings that happened in 2001. These reactions ranged from violence response to advocating for peace. The political leaders in the country acted in the frontline championing calm and promising aids to the affected persons ("Reaction to 9/11", 2018). The government called for decisive action against the terror attacks and pleaded with the people of New York to remain steadfast in their daily activities and not give the terrorists a chance to cow them down.

The then-president George Bush won the mandate bill to act on the nation's defence ("Reaction to 9/11", 2018). The president asked the citizens to remain calm in the era of a continuing threat. To honour its promise to eradicate the concept of terror, the government began military operations in Afghanistan, where they believed harboured the terrorist activities. The government also issued forty billion-dollar disaster relief to the victims of the terror act.

The Alteration of Daily Lives Caused by the 2001 Terror Attack

The predicaments of the war remain with ugly sides despite the stop after many years since the war ends. The terror attack changed the livelihood of many American citizens evident even to date. Life in Afghanistan has changed significantly after the attack. The American government in reiteration killed many Afgan civilians during the battle with the Taliban (Santhanam & Epatko, 2018). The presence of the united states of America military personnel in Afgan helped much to stabilize some regions of the country. The oil prices escalated as a result of conflict between Afghanistan and America, the anti-Muslim conflict rise in the united states, and changes in the air travel and safety processes.

The concept of war and terror leaves the countries and citizens at a struggling stage of life with changes in the global economy, the building of allies and fowls. Terrorism pulls ack the development of the state, and the governments across the world need to unite and fight the disaster without political, ethnic, religion, and race inclination. The work of unison against terrorism across different nations will ensure that the countries coexist peacefully without threat to human welfare.


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