General Motors Safety Issue Analysis - Free Report Sample

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Date:  2023-11-25


The analysis made is on a safety issue encountered by General Motors, an automotive company based in the United States. The safety of employees at the workplace is critical, and there is a need to ensure that all the measures are undertaken to make sure that the working area is conducive. The report is directed to the management of this firm to manage to implement the proposals that will be highlighted for the security of their workers. The employees can be working on oily floors, and they can slip and injure their body. They can trip over tools leading to lifetime injuries, such as damages to the spinal cord, and in a worst-case scenario, a worker can lose their life.

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Significant Issue

The memo’s purpose is to notify the management of General Motors that there is a significant issue that is facing its workforce, and they must find a solution. When workers get injured, the company may be compelled to make massive payments as compensation for the injuries, and this will reduce the firm’s reserve earnings. Additionally, the company will lose its workforce lowering the production levels. The best strategy to take is to ensure that the staff members are well trained on the way to handle various tools (López-Arquillos & Rubio-Romero, 2016). They should be provided with protective gear, such as safety boots and aprons to protect them from slipping or tripping on equipment. The provision of these tools will reduce workplace accidents, and the employees will be satisfied working in an area that they feel secure.


Some of the problems that General Motors experience due to employee accidents at the workplace include court battles that may lead to fines. Loss of earnings is another problem that can arise since the firm may lose workers. The process of recruiting another to replace the injured is costly. When the profitability of the business reduces, it cannot manage to expand (Jilcha & Kitaw, 2016). Injuries may lead to the entity getting a bad reputation in the market, reducing the sales volume. Some of the alternatives that the firm can adopt to curb workplace accidents include the utilization of mechanical load shifting devices. It is essential to undertake pre-operational inspections and risk assessments to know the risky areas and take mitigation measures.


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López-Arquillos, A., & Rubio-Romero, J. C. (2016). Analysis of workplace accidents in automotive repair workshops in Spain. Safety and Health at Work, 7(3), 231-236.

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