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Several days back, I attended a meeting that was specifically meant for all the communication directors originating from various non-profit organization. After discussing various essential issues for a long time, it came to our realization that most of the non-profit organizations that are situated in specific places are not well attached to one another. As such, the bond between them is too weak to enable them to learn certain essential issues from themselves. All the members that were present in the meeting therefore came up with an appropriate solution where specific unions were to be formed and they were strict to strengthen the bonds that exist among the employees that are attached to the non-profit organizations most so the ones who are able to show a lot of concern regarding this kind of situation.

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Many of the communication directors in the current century have come to realize the importance of working hard and joining hands together to work towards a specific feature. Good moral ethics is one of the major parameters that are likely to contribute towards the success of any organization regardless of whether it is a non-profit organization or not. In as much as certain individuals might see that there is no need to interact with one another most so when it comes to the organization level, there will be minimal chances of these organizations scaling up most of their processes to the next level. Strong relationship bonds are necessary to nearly all the nonprofit organizations since a good number of them are working hard to attain a specific objective within the society. Lack of well exposed top management team is among the major parameters that have caused such like conditions taking place among different companies, most of the employees that undergo such like situations are not able to diversify their thoughts together with how they are doing specific actions.

Adequate and reasonable interaction is necessary to bring out the best from the non-profit organizations, interestingly, most of the leaders who were present during the discussion were able to pinpoint some of the loopholes that are currently developing to be a major threat towards catalyzing such conditions. A certain friend who is a lawyer in Washington managed to narrate for me an interesting story that involved two different non-profit organizations that were dedicated towards working to attain a positive result within the Washington community, since one organization was not able to provide appropriate support to the other and the best thing it could do was to tarnish the reputation of the other. It did not take long and the organization failed terribly in terms of its goals since it was not ready to work with the other one for them to drive appropriately in the same path.

This is a clear indication of how important it is to value one another since everyone depends on the other person at one point for their future success. Before making sure that the organizations relate adequately with one another, their respective leaders should be well trained about quality leadership management that is likely to expose them to a lot of activities taking place across the universe and the way they are handled under certain conditions. Even in the current century, successful people are in need of one another to prosper in the near future. It is only a group of certain people who have been undergoing a lot of failures that are not able to see the essence of valuing the presence of their fellows in life. Once you relate positively to the other individual, there are high chances of learning a lot of things from him or her. This will give you an opportunity to rectify specific area where there are loopholes.

According to the polls that were currently carried across large populations who lived in different localities, about 80% of them were able to support the kind of services that are offered to them by most of the non-governmental organizations around. In the 80% of the population who supported the services, 78% of them realized the need of these organizations coming together and starting something big that is likely to increase the amount of benefit that is provided to the society. Most of the academic studies too are able to indicate some alarming results. According to an academic study that was conducted in Washington, 90% of most nonprofit organizations were contented with performing most of their activities without involving some other organizations. However, the remaining 10% were not satisfied with the direction. This is a clear indication of how most of the organizations are not into the idea of supporting one another and having strong organizational relationships that are likely to make them gain from one another respectively. In as much as the opposition has got its own viewpoint towards this problem, I want to acknowledge them I have already weighed in of some of the currently existing viewpoints where I have managed to extract some appropriate information regarding exactly what is needed for things to move on efficiently.


In conclusion, there is the need to solve this kind of problem and eradicate its existence within the society as much as possible to ensure that a spirit of brotherhood is promoted among different non-profit organizations that are among the motivating factors existing in the modern world. Coming up with appropriate awareness among different people will also be necessary since it will help to pass the importance of this strategy even to the coming generation. There should be no any act of rivalry among the organizations, the spirit of brotherhood makes them carry out their respective activities in a much reasonable manner.

Their top management officials should also work hard with one another, provide help whenever one is in need and even help themselves to formulate most of their future actions that are all geared towards changing the society making it be better than the initial one thus having the potential of accommodating even the coming future generation regardless of their age, gender, and even culture. Employees should also be aware of this and be ready to transform to the next level where they will all be required to be more reasonable in terms of how they handle various issues in their daily lives. Additionally, it is not an issue that should be solved only by the organizations themselves but can also involve all their employees to make them be aware of what is likely to be done and the importance of doing it. Since they are important individuals within the non-profit organizations, they will be able to catalyze the entire process to make it move to the next stage.

This is not a one person affair to make it come out exactly as per what is needed instead it is something that needs the joining of hands in order to make it even much easier to when solving the entire issue appropriate education on both the employees and the management part of the organization is also important since it is one of the major ways that makes them be well equipped with different skills that they can apply when solving such like issues and also be able to make wise decisions that are reasonable and are likely to impact positively on the final outcome associated with the situation. It is only proper strategies and implementation skills that will be able to solve the issue, anything apart forms that is likely to cause more problems that will make the current situation to be even worse.

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