Essay Sample on Modern-Day Cognitive Framework or Behaviors in the Workplace

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Date:  2022-07-25


Cognitive framework is usually applied in the modern day and will be the concept for discussion. It will be used for a particular workplace experience. Working at ABZ technologies was challenging due to dealing with various people. As a junior staff, instructions had to come from the seniors, and when they were not strictly adhered, they would be harsh. As such, this led to stress development as one would even be afraid of asking questions due to fear of being reprimanded especially in front of other employees. As such, effective communication even among workers was absent and one had to solve issues alone. Also, there was a lack of the right social interactions and low motivation that further contributed to anxiety disorders and depression. Working hours were also not entirely clear to the employees. It further included the time they would return from leave or breaks such as lunch.

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It is evident that the management did not concentrate on the input of an individual despite the work not being effectively delivered. They should have allowed people to choose tasks they are comfortable in undertaking. In this way, employees would be motivated and have the confidence to perform. Besides, it would be vital to set performance goals at a pace that one feels they can deliver. However, by not establishing realistic goals, workers were likely to evaluate their performance from an idealistically doubtful view of their current performance (Mishra, Anguera, Ziegler & Gazzaley, 2013). Therefore, by the management establishing realistic goals, they will reduce the risk of workers undergoing depression and anxiety disorders.

Lack of motivation and avoidance behaviors may be pointed out as the significant indicators of numerous workers suffering from anxiety disorders and depression at ABZ technologies. They may further be attributed to morning work that is sometimes quite challenging to the personnel. It is vital to consider recommendations from parties such as physicians who may design an effective strategy for a steady return to the workplace. In this case, a chance to differ the time of day and number of days per week when part-time work occurs will be present. Additionally, it is relevant to enable the personnel select the hours in which they feel most productive. In the end, it will develop their confidence and grant them maximum success in the preliminary period of returning to work (Foley & Lytle, 2015).

Furthermore, it is relevant for the management of ABZ technologies to support the personnel. Regular evaluation of work undertaken is relevant as it will also enable feedback to be issued. The input will then concentrate on encouraging all the workers (Mishra et al., 2013). On the other hand, it is fundamental to give workers a chance to express any doubts they may be having concerning their capabilities. Once given this chance, the personnel will also discuss any concerns over workplace issues with other workers. Such a form of interaction will comfort the individual that they are being listened and further assist in redirecting their perceptions correctly and in line with those around them as well (Vahey & Whelan, 2016).


The essay has discussed the modern-day cognitive framework or behaviors in the workplace. Work experience has first been presented after which, the cognitive structure of the organization explored. It has been pointed out that depression and anxiety disorders are the most common issues faced by personnel at ABZ technologies. However, it has been illustrated that focus on the input of individuals and issuing feedback will be quite useful in dealing with the pointed issues since they will be motivated.


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