From a Senior's Perspective Interviewing

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The United States of America is rich in historical events that have graced the nation in the last century. As a leader in world politics, the country has faced all manner of political chaos and strife. Similarly, international events have shaped the foreign policy of America and encourage nations to formulate certain policies in response to these events (Milner & Tingley, 2013). In an interview with a senior, it is easy to realize just how different the country was back in the historical time when disastrous events shook the nation. Seniors in the United States have had firsthand experience in the country's history, and some even participated in some of the wars America took part in decades ago. In this essay, I had a chat with a United States Army veteran. I get to discuss the United States and the world, as told in the words of someone who lived in the 60s when there was a trying period for all Americans.

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Details about the Respondent

The individual I interviewed is Daniel Higgs. He was born in Oakland, California in 1949. Mr. Daniel attended schools in California, before enlisting with the United States Army Corps in 1962. Unluckily for him, soon after enlisting, Mr. Daniels was sent to the Vietnam base to aid with logistical supplies just as the Vietnam War was beginning to get vicious. His youthful life was spent in the fields offering medical supplies and food to the United States soldiers in the Gulf of Tonkin. The war in Vietnam is regarded as one of the most disastrous wars in American history (Kocher, Pepinsky, & Kalyvas, 2011). Mr. Daniels informed me that being one of the soldiers involved, he felt betrayed by his country during the war.

Most Significant Event in the 60s

Although the Vietnam War years were tough, Mr. Daniels informed me that the most significant event was the Kennedy Assassination. President John Kennedy was assassinated on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas (Logsdon, 2010). At the time, Mr. Daniels was already serving in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Vietnam. He recalls how conspiracy theories began to spin off and that there were rumors of a possible end to the Vietnam war at the time. He pays tribute to President Kennedy, honoring his style of leadership and the bravado that was imminent in his decisions, even to his time of death. The death of a president as he served in the military meant a change in guard and new orders. It was a difficult time for the military and him as well.

How the Daily Culture of People has changed

The America of the 1960-1990s was quite different from the America that came in the millennial era. This is mostly due to advancements in technology and America's economy strengthening in the millennial era (Cochran & Ferrari, 2009). Mr. Daniels recalls how few schools and social amenities existed in his youth. He mentions that many young people then could not afford the comforts and luxury accorded to a majority of the American youth today. People then were more of socialists, and government decisions had a landslide impact on the lives of all Americans. Politics then was also more objective and of a patriotic backing. The music was also of pop culture, but today, people are more into electronic dance and hip-hop.

Best Years in Life

Mr. Daniels did not hesitate to answer the question on which were the best years in his life. I was however not ready for the answer he gave. He went, "the Bush Administration." I was taken aback as many Americans constantly criticized the Bush Administration. He was however quick to clarify, "the late Bush." George Bush Senior instituted many reforms in the Veteran Association, and it was during his one-term presidency that many veterans got their benefits paid (Saunders, 2011). Mr. Daniels mentioned how he managed to secure a house and other properties during the Bush administration as Veterans were served with many beneficial packages such as mortgages and unsecured loans from the VA.

Future Plans

Mr. Daniels wants to start a foundation to mentor the youth. He mentions that he has plans to partner with a community organization in Los Angeles to help the youth off drugs. He mentioned that the drug problem in the United States is a big problem. Indeed, the opioid crisis has affected many Americans, with over 60% of households mentioning a significant case of opioid addiction (Voon & Kerr, 2013). Mr. Daniels felt that by contributing to the course it would be a good future plant for him.

Differences in Modern Youth

Modern youth in the United States differs from the youthful time he had before and after the Vietnam War. He recalls his youth being very involved in civic duties and serving in the military. Nowadays, conscription is at an all-time low. He also recalls that during his youthful time, many youths were involved in businesses and family commitments. Currently, many youths are in significantly detrimental groups such as gangs and participate in recreational drug use and abuse. A significant portion of the American economy is affected by the youth, so it is scary to have unproductive youth (Snellman, Silva, Frederick, & Putnam, 2015). He mentioned that the current generation of American youth is facing a generational loss and many are unproductive.

Words of Wisdom

Mr. Daniels advises the youth to focus on building their careers and to be patriotic to the nation as well. It is important for the young to know that one day, they will take over the reins of power from the old. He asks parents to be role models to the young and always guide them to successful ventures and decisions. Similarly, he calls on the government and stakeholders involved in the war on drugs to be strict on perpetrators and make it more difficult to underage people to access any form of drug, especially alcohol and cannabis. He feels that if America wins the war on drugs, then the country can be prosperous.


The Interview with Mr. Daniel was a successful one. The nature of the information that I realized he had was quite impressive. The details of the interview focused mostly on life in the 60s, which were the most vivid years and difficult ones in many ways. Unlike many young people in the United States, Mr. Daniel was a hero. He served in the Vietnam War and has been a patriot who constantly gets involved in political affairs, especially concerning the Veteran Association (VA). It was quite refreshing to talk to him, as I got a first-hand account of the issues that transpired even during Kennedy's Assassination. His wisdom, knowledge, and expertise on many matters make him an important member of our society.


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