Education Essay Example: Science Practical and Online Teaching

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Date:  2021-06-17

In education level, particularly science, practical are very essential since they enhance understanding amongst students. It is believed that practices that are conducted by every particular student are well understood and captured in their memories for a long time. Contrary to the theoretical studies in science, in science practical, students test their own ideas, theories creating problem-solving techniques and developing a sense of self-learners. A good science practical is one that fulfills its purpose of effective communication a comprehensible defined set of ideas. A good question, one has to ask himself are: what are the expected results of the practical task conducted? And, what improvement can they do on the practical?

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Science practices allow students to study at their own pace as well as the theory level of understanding to support differentiation by task, outcomes, and questioning, therefore, building the confidence of the student. Furthermore, after conducting a practical lesson on the theoretical fact that they have learned, students will develop satisfaction on what they have learned and they will get motivated to know more and more about it.

Science practices help people to come up with extensive questions regarding their topic or course which may promote further studies on their questions. Also, students get much involved in the science project, making them develop knowledge on technical analysis of scientific facts. Participants in the scientific practices will develop skills in planning, equipment manipulation, observation analysis and evaluation. Besides that, students will develop Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTs) and How Science Works (HSW).

Online teaching

The world is dynamic and innovators are trying their best to make the word to be a global village, almost everything has been modernized in different levels of the society, the innovation witnessed in technology has eased the way lecturers and students interact. In this century, the modern world in the field of education has witnessed online teaching. Many of the education facilities especially colleges and universities have embraced the use of online studies on many of selected courses. This type of teaching has been perceived to be a lower-cost, convenient as students can work on at their own pace and time schedule, and flexible, students and the lecturer are able to have a distance interaction, and transfer of notes, assignments and assessment tests. With online studies, students can study at their own comfort of choice, either in at home, office or in a restaurant. Online teaching allows students to have access to a number of study materials to enhance their understanding the field that they are partaking. Online teaching has been praised by many since t has offered the vast opportunity to most of the people who have a busy schedule or they have limited finances but they have the ambitions of perusing their course of their choices without barriers. People are able to conduct their online classes even when they are in the different country far from the main institutions and still be given privileges like those ones who attend the physical class at the institution.

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