Fire Incidence on Carnival's Cruise Ship "Splendor" Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Following the unfortunate fire incidence that occurred in November 2010 on the Carnival's Cruise Lines ship "Splendor," where all those on board were exposed to extreme hardships throughout the trip. It was reported that guests endured challenges such as unavailability of internet services, power outages, and unavailability of refrigerated foods, poor sanitation, boredom as well as long lines for passengers to obtain food among other challenges. Due to the obvious reasons for the emergence of major reports regarding the story from the news and social media, there is a need for the company to take various urgent steps to rectify the situation. It is as a result of the need to avoid such speculations that the company management ensured that facts regarding the case were well relayed to the general public as well as those on board. Besides, the management had to ensure that all the passenger's needs were well catered for by fully reimbursing the trip and returning the passengers to the San Diego port where all their expenses had to be catered for fully by the company since it was not the original port.

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From what ensued in the case, it is evident that there are pertinent issues that the company ought to address for better operations of the company in the future as well as the redeem the company's reputation. Among the critical issues that occurred during the incidence include the unavailability of basic services to passengers, poor sanitation as well as the poor communication between the stakeholders. These are issues that ought to be addressed soonest possible since they have adverse implications for the overall success of the business. With customer comfort being key in the cruise industry, failure to rectify such shortcomings may make the company realize low passengers using their services. Additionally, having poor communication lines during such emergencies may discourage passengers using their services as they may not be guaranteed of safety.

Therefore, upon the realization of the implications of the critical issues arising from the incidence, it is important for the company to lay down strategies to avoid a repeat of the same as well as boost their level of business. Among the recommendations for action include the installation of a backup power source before the resumption of service provision by the cruise ship to ensure that passenger's comfort is guaranteed despite the misfortunes while on board. Additionally, the company needs to create a clear communication line whereby in instances of such incidences passengers can communicate with their kin as well as the company be at a better position to update the general public about the progress of the situation. By doing so, speculations, as well as the spread of biased reports on social media which are capable of destroying the company's reputation, can be avoided. In addition, the crew needs to be trained on how to handle such emergencies as well as the installation of firefighting devices that will improve the company's emergency preparedness.


Upon the implementation of the above recommendations, it will be important for the company to publish its communication policy as well as its emergency preparedness state through the print media. This will help guarantee guests that despite what faced then during the trip the company has done enough to counter any repeat of the same. Besides, the communication policy will make it clear to the press on how to access information in case of an emergency to avoid biased reporting.

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