Female Delinquency: Neglected & Different Development - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-27


Historically, female delinquency has been neglected in several ways, which ranges the child neglect, child victimization in the family, gang association, criminal activities, and the use of drugs. Mentioned issues are neglected because the mental perception of the majority focuses on the male gender. In the case of question two, male and female develop differently biological because different genes, which influences other behaviors. Cognitively, males and females develop differently because of cognitive perceptions as connected to the use of drugs. Females, compared to males, experience low self-esteem because of the environment they are exposed to, which involves several family violence. The delinquency rate of females as opposed to males actively varies. The female delinquency rate is overly underrated—Lombroso, for the first time, considered female offending as a criminal. Early puberty for females relates to the delinquency of increased risk for stress generated from first growth. Females at an early stage tend to grow first than their peers, and this increases stress that, in turn, increases the risk for delinquency.

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The unsafe environment is one of the five sections discussed under child neglect. It is the crucial section because it is more pronounced, and most families, in most cases, experience. It is easy to identify because individuals can identify children with unsafe wiring, among other factors.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse range from different classes or types of drugs, including drugs itself, alcohol, and tobacco. The use of drugs, however, continues from a mild stage to a more serious one as youths continue to connect, having in mind circles they are connected to as it exposes them to more drug types. Thinking in terms of drugs categories listed above, the use of substance comes with several concerns, which ranges from school problem including absenteeism and failing grades, social issues such as lack of youth participation, and legal matters. These concerns are raised by the use of drugs where youths are collectively engaged in this activity, and they influence one another character-wise. Apart from the heightened concerns, the use of drugs comes with health problems such as lung cancer and heart diseases generated by tobacco use. On the other end of substance abuse, alcohol alters individuals’ perceptions and raises coordination issues as part of health problems.

Thinking in terms of peer pressure, family, and neighborhood association, substance abuse alters relationships with neighbors and sometimes leads people or victims into more severe problems that require laws procedures. Peer pressure exposes youths to more dangerous and addictive drugs. Family engagement and relationship is also ruined because of concerns raised by substance abuse. Additionally, families face different problems and wired ones, such as deaths.


In conclusion, drug abuse comes with effects and ranges from mild to more severe consequences. Some of the main abused drugs include alcohol and marijuana, and many more. In the case of female delinquency, early puberty for females relates to misconduct because they grow fast, and stress sets in, thus increasing the risk of delinquency.


Aristizábal Becerra, L. A., & Cubells Serra, J. (2019). Impact of Partner Violence on Female Delinquency. Social Sciences, 8(2), 32. https://www.mdpi.com/2076-0760/8/2/32

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