Union Discriminates Female Police Inspector, Chief Massey Alerts Colleagues - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-16


Following the elimination of two police inspectors out of five was uncertain action, but after consultation, it was found that the city had a specific notion about the female employee. Mary Griego was to be eliminated from the occupation and position by the union. Chief Massey gave his alerts to his colleague. However, the state seems to practice discrimination on females since they argued any lady above 40 years and still single should be fired from their position and let the other take the job ("Skaarup v. City of North Las Vegas, 320 F.3d 1040 | Casetext", 2019). In the process, Mary is not allowed to express herself. In conjunction with that, it merely implies that low attention is given to her grievances, thus hindering her from freedom of expression. The discrimination among women, therefore, seems unfair action and that why Skaarup is upset.

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Through the issue representation, there is no right to make any either transfers or demoting ladies due to their marital status. The female is given low esteems to their status and hindered from expressing themselves. However, through the court of justice, women should be given equal privileges as men despite their status. The choice to remain single should not invite any form of shortcoming and should not be treated as a failure but a choice in life. Also, the notion that roams across the city should be chant down to reduces discrimination of the women as well as their occupation position discrimination.

The transfer and demoting of an individual without a concrete reason should raise an argumentation discussion that will turn to a debate that generally analyzes views of the individuals. The union should be judged guilty of terminating the two inspectors polices without a reason that can be followed. It clearly shows that there are discrimination and improper management strategies for transferring employees to a new position as well as demoting. However, it is unlawful to take action on their own hands without first consulting the persons to be involved in the transfer of the job task. Therefore the union and leading staff should be held liable for misconduct and protocol abuse in demoting as well as the transfer of individuals without their knowledge.

Correlation of Court Finding With My findings

The judgment costed Skaarup's job for eight days. The union strategy to sell Mary Griego was a way to eliminate her. However, Skaarup having spoken to both fired officials, he had the idea of discrimination, and therefore, he did not hesitate to utter his feeling and concern. However, Skaarup was charged for incorporating discrimination speech on gender that he had no evidence about. The charges led him into problems that indicated he was advocating for gender biases. However, later on, through the amendment of the year 2002, the fire department and city failed to provide shreds of evidence that Skaarup's speech was divisive ("Skaarup v. City of North Las Vegas, 320 F.3d 1040 | Casetext", 2019). The process, therefore, called for more investigation test that all along left him innocent. On the other hand, the judgment was not straight to the offenders but turned against the liberation of those fired.

The judgment focused on putting Skaarup on problems that he did not deserve this suffering in the process to seek justices. Therefore the judgment too was not fair and did not go as expected. The judicial arm acted in favor of the offenders to hide the reality as well as building the reputation of the city and good governance.


Skaarup v. City of North Las Vegas, 320 F.3d 1040 | Casetext. (2019). Retrieved from https://casetext.com/case/skaarup-v-city-of-north-las-vegas

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