Family Encouragements and Academic Achievements Personal Essay

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Date:  2022-06-22

''My son Jason is going to be great, he is going to do this and that,'' that is the kind of stuff my mom would say to all her friends, like if I am some sort of prize to her. Everywhere I go in the center of conversation; it is like I am treated like her prized possession. I honestly hate every moment of it. What is that she talks about, you may ask? Well, I am finishing up my last year in the college, just about. A few classes left here and there that are left, but for the most part, I am at the home stretch. Even though I should be happy, but I am not, maybe it is the issues going around me with my friends, family, my job, just everything that has been going on that has been distracting me from this happiness that I should be feeling. In this case, my mother might even not know the kind of inner conflict I am going about. She sees me in the college and concludes that all is well when indeed; it is the other way round, characterized by my strained nature.

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It all started when I had just joined the college and being an introvert; my mother does not know more about the kind of treatment I require from everybody around me, including her, my friends and even my teachers and night tutors. I am not used to publicity, and that is what had seriously suppressed my spirit of excellence in the elementary school. I used to get distracted from the revelation of my secrets by my friends, and I bet that it is the point in life that all the issues are surrounding me started. Due to distraction, I did not perform well in my final examination and almost lost hope in all the dreams of my life since I was aiming to study engineering courses in my college level of studies. Although my mother was not in the know of the depressed conditions surrounding me, I kept on suppressing it so that could give her hopes owing to the fact that I was the only child, so far, still in the as all the other four first elder siblings had not taken education seriously, characterizing miserable living conditions they are undergoing. It might be due to such that my mother, Elizah, is feeling great pride in my presence at the college level, even though the reality of the ramifications is not in the limelight so far.

The first born, Victor, had failed in his final exams that could open the way for him to join the college and proceed with his studies as per the goals that my mother had set for her children. Being a widowed woman, and battling with a lot of court cases where my uncles are striving to inherit the property left behind by my father without a legal will of the beneficiaries, she had highly hoped that the firstborn would savage the situation by studying hard and standing with the family in such difficult matters. However, he got involved in wayward groups that misled him, ruining his ambitions. It was a bitter pill for my mother to swallow as she shifted focus to the subsequent children in their descending order of ages. The second child, Nancy, had gotten married to a district officer who promised her heaven before she could even complete her college studies. All hell later broke loose, and she landed in the real hardships of the life. My mother was in jittery, more catalyzed by the scornful trivialization by some of the masochistic neighbors. Again, she had endured the situation and started grooming the third born in full hopes that he could now bring the light at the end of the tunnel. It seemed possible to do so for him owing to his good manners that even the hatreds synchronized with the agreement that he was the one to save the family which was now in the verge of total collapse and extinction from the dictionary of prosperity. Now, there I was, also struggling with the issues of life of having to carry the entire burden of salvaging the family to the levels comparable to the prospering ones.


At that point, I had worked so hard and landed in the college course that was in contrary to my aims in life. What kept me alive and moved was the constant encouragements from my mother. I hence worked hard in my area of specialization. However, it is a state that robbed me of the happiness that I needed since had to mobilize everything to work the right way, as that was the only option available. In that case, all the neighbors, friends, classmates, and my siblings knew the situation I was in, and there was a need in me that the constant exposure of my so far academic wellbeing is in a seemingly secretive tendency. However, the clarity of my progress and the looming completion of the college gave my hopes of a savior, which characterized her tendency to talk about my anticipated completion of the college studies and the absorption on the working sector.

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