Factors to Consider When Adopting an E-portfolio Assessment Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03


Adopting an e-portfolio in New York State's District 27 can provide an effective and authentic assessment tool for students. The e-portfolio promotes deep learning and can improve education outcomes by bringing together all the expectations of students learning and allows benefits that are not found in the paper-based portfolios (Fiedler & Pick, 2004). The current paper portfolios used in District 27 are highly unreliable because they lack portability, flexibility and does not facilitate higher order thinking and performance. E-portfolio is a digital framework that allows visual and auditory content storage which is among many advantages that the assessment approach has compared to other classic assessment portfolios.

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Factors to Consider when adopting an e-portfolio Assessment

Cost and Learning Needs

The cost of e-portfolio implementation in District 27 is one of the considerations that should be made to ensure that the project cost is in alignment with the available resources in the district. District 27 need an assessment portfolio that facilitates higher-order thinking and performance. The e-portfolio assessment implementation should be in line with the current budgetary allocation to ensure other areas get their share of the education budget (Fiedler & Pick, 2004). The cost of e-portfolio is relatively low and the portfolio promotes higher order thinking and student's performance which makes it an ideal portfolio assessment for District 27.

User Acceptability

The ease of use and the acceptability of the e-portfolio compared to the current paper-based assessments should be considered before the implementation of the e-portfolio in district 27. Most of the learners and teachers in District 27 are computer savvy and can be able to access a computer and the internet which makes it easy to implement the e-portfolio. Most of the teachers are seeking to increase higher order thinking and student performance which is possible because e-portfolio assessment allows digital access and storage of information which can be used to facilitate further learning.

Data Security

Today, cybersecurity is a major threat to the use of electronic information systems especially due to the ease of access to individual data (Fiedler & Pick, 2004). The state of security in the e-portfolio systems should be considered to ensure that the system is risk-free and does not have any potential loss of data which could negatively affect learning in District 27.

District 27 and State of Ohio Portfolio Comparison

There is a significant difference between District 27 and Ohio State portfolio based on efficiency and purpose elaboration. State of Ohio portfolio is more developed and established due to the existence of standards whereas in District 27 the standards are not documented (Mueller, 2005). State of Ohio portfolio assessment are shared to show growth and excellence which has promoted high adoption to more effective portfolio assessment such as the e-portfolio which has expanded the use and presentation of portfolios in State of Idaho compared to District 27.


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Mueller, J. (2005). The authentic assessment toolbox: enhancing student learning through online faculty development. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 1(1), 1-7.

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