Exploring My Journey: Adjusting to New Social Environments in College - Personal Statement

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Date:  2023-03-24


I began college in the year 2015 at California State University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Since an early age of growth and development, I was fascinated with the desire to understand myself and the people around me in society. I wanted to understand why I struggled to adjust in various social environments, for instance, in the school setting, while other students were able to get integrated easily. With time, I realized the challenges with adjusting to a new environment were normal to get used to new experiences. From then, my passion for studying psychology has become my priority.

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My knowledge of psychology has increased as I studied more about the subject. I am most excited about understanding, dissecting, and investigating the challenges encountered in society. The psychology courses have stimulated my reasoning involving behavioral analysis. During my training, my lecturers during the behavioral analysis courses provided me with analytical and critical skills through both practical and theoretical lessons. Today, I am an experienced Behavior Specialist and counselor with extensive professional work in assisting individuals with issues that impair learning and social functions. I possess a verifiable record of establishing long-term relationships and providing therapeutic and care services. Additionally, I am endowed with the ability of crisis management and life skills education. Moreover, I have an adequate understanding of human relations hence able to work with various clients both in personalized and group sessions. All these are attributed to my mastery of both complex and basic principles of behavioral psychology.

Currently, I work at the Howard J. Chudler & Associates Inc. as a Behavioral Specialist since June 2019. I was able to offer counseling services to people helping them in overcoming and understanding the behavioral problems they encounter in society. That is especially during their vocational and educational encounters. Throughout my work as a Behavioral Specialist, I have parents, teachers, and other professionals, whereby we are able to brainstorm on the growth and development of youths in line with the mission and goals of the treatment procedure. I have developed successful therapeutic plans which are used in the treatment procedures, which are personalized based on the client's needs and interests. Moreover, the therapeutic plans constitute an explanation to the clients on the potential ways in which they would benefit after undergoing the treatment procedure. My experience in the working environment has also entailed working with families and individuals who are at the risk of developing psychological problems. Also, I am more experience in acknowledging the rules and regulations with regards to special education, position behavioral interventions, and among other concerns, likely to affect children and other persons requiring exceptional attention.

Moreover, I have acquired additional experience as a Behavior Therapist practicing at the Autism Learning Partners. Here, I successfully implemented treatment procedures while recording observable behavior from the clients when exposed to a number of situations. The experience of working as the Behavioral Therapist is fulfilling as I have facilitated several clients in developing communication, language, and cognitive skills; hence they can manage their psychological disorders. I managed to do that by maintaining proper documentation of the treatment progress of individual clients, thus ensuring everyone's treatment concern is addressed effectively.

Current Interests

I understand the human brain is interesting with regards to understanding its functioning. There is so much functionality to be known for their influence on human behavior. The human brain has dynamic impacts and capabilities, which are the reason behind the behavior of humans. In many settings of society, mental healthcare capability still need improvement, as many people cannot easily access basic care. Therefore, I have an increased desire to study behavioral psychology to unravel and develop a deeper understanding of the functionality of the entire brain. I believe society will benefit from having an additional Masters graduate in behavioral psychology. That is because I will apply the knowledge learned in the science of behavioral psychology to better the conditions of both normal people and mental patients in society. Also, I am currently interested in applied behavioral analysis, which is distinct from psychology but still depends on some psychological principles. The subject is interesting due to the fact it facilitates the assessment, analysis, and application of human behavior in solving some psychological concerns. I have the interest of developing further the intervention and prevention programs to autism; hence I consider applied behavioral analysis important to ensure success. That is because the applied behavioral analysis is considered the best therapeutic program towards autism (ABA.org, 2015).

Future Professional Goal

My future professional goal is characterized by a career majorly in teaching and research works. I find it relevant to have research works that are well-informed by clinical practice in behavioral psychology. Consequently, clinical practice in behavioral psychology should be facilitated by adequate and extensive research works. Through the effective application of education in society, I envision the research works being significantly disseminated. The dissemination of the research works is especially important in inadequately served areas to ensure they have an understanding of their importance in research as study targets and also offering the population assistance with psychological concerns they experience. For instance, there may be no adequate university presence in the under-served areas of the society; hence the educational programs on the clinical practices of behavioral psychology are not adequate, thereby needing further developments. It is my goal to study behavioral psychology, enabling me to be one of the people driving educational and research works in some of the underserved areas in society.

Moreover, I have the plan of developing intervention and prevention programs progressing with my career in the future. The development of such programs would assist me in my specialization in behavioral psychology. But importantly, society would significantly develop as their psychological issues could be addressed successfully. Moreover, being considered for a position to be a professor of a university is also my future professional goal, as that would be significant in implementation intervention and prevention programs. I consider my future professional goals to be centered on mentoring and teaching college and university students; hence a position as a university professor is my eventual goal when undertaking a Masters in Behavioural Psychology.

Reason for Application

There are several reasons as to why I decided to present my application to your institution to pursue a Masters in Behavioral Psychology. One of the reasons for applying to this program is that the field is applicable to many aspects of life. In another perspective, behavioral psychology is applicable in all aspects of life because, as human beings, we are conscious of our surroundings. In various aspects of our lives, the well-being of an individual is important in dictating their understanding and corporation in a group setting. Thus, an individual who consciously takes care of their well-being can further apply that principle on the societal scale. Moreover, over my years of studying psychology, I have been intrigued by the idea of neurotypicality, which I would get to understand through the help of MS in Behavioral Psychology. My current understanding of neurotypicality is that it is not a fact as individuals either have excesses or lack in some aspects of their lives. Moreover, I still find additional concepts hard to understanding, which makes me have many questions. Hence, through studying behavioral psychology, I will deepen my experience of this theory.

Additionally, your educational institution is attractive by the emphasis on methodology and research works. I have been working with at-risk children; hence the availability of a substantial focus on the study of children is in line with what I prefer in behavioral psychology programs. Also, I am undertaking a career in applied behavior analysis, which I consider one of the important therapies which facilitate the treatment of psychological conditions, which include autism, and among other disorders that influence human behavior. I believe my career in applied behavior analysis would be successful with the start of an appropriate study that is facilitated in your educational institution. Most importantly, a Masters in Behavioral Psychology as offered in your institution will help me not only in undertaking the studies in applied behavioral analysis, but also significant in facilitating my exams. I would be very pleased to get an opportunity to further my studies in Behavioral Psychology in your educational institution.


ABA.org. (2020). How to Become an Applied Behavior Analyst. Retrieved 7 January 2020, from https://www.appliedbehavioranalysisedu.org/

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