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Field trips are the best most interesting point in our academic calendars. This time, we had a long trip to Dudley Square, which left me awed to the very core. Dudley Square is one of the most attractive places in Boston. There has been a move to vote Dudley Square as Nubian Square owing to the rich Nubian culture that it entails. Dudley Square is named after family including the governor, that is not quite popular among the residents (Bevilacqua and Pasquale 14). The naming of the square after the governor has raised many questions due to his lackluster position about slavery back in the time of his rule in Roxbury Bay.

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The arrival at Dudley Square is quite breathtaking. A green lush of hedges welcomes the visitors, and the cool climatic aura is nerve-calming. Dudley has well maintained its original shape, and the order of arrival from the bus station is reminiscent of the central role it played many decades after its emergence. The old buildings serve as a reminder of the centuries of historical urbanization move that has been on the rise. Dudley Square trains station serves as the epicenter of all activities in Boston, with many transit routes tracing their origin from the very point. These stations attract customers from around the town in what is seen as a bid to improve the commercial aspect of the town.

The business activities in the Square are a pointer to the fact that Dudley Square is the commercial hub in the Roxbury area. The rise in prominence of the Square is due to t the fact that a network of railways system well ran it. There caption of such conspicuous stores such as Ferdinand's Blue Store that towers over the square hold several recreational points such as Eagle Theatres and bowling alleys (Bevilacqua and Pasquale 13). The store's rise owes to the operation and running of the streetcars coupled with an acute network of railways system.

Of notable creation is the trackless trolleys that serve as the main mode of transport in the square. This has helped in, among other advantages reducing the traffic jams and congestion in the square. However, there has been a rise in the replacement of these trackless trolleys with bus systems that seem to augur quite well with the Square inhabitants.

At the heart of Dudley Square is the restoration of Palladio Hall. The hall has seen the rise in the commercial sector. There have been efforts to renovate large parts of the Square. This has been prompted by the desire to preserve the city and its history. I was awed by the historical attachments that exist in Boston. I still hold in memory the new theater, which was raised by Mr. J. Maurice Clement, as the most attractive structure, involving an ordering position, with a facing to the Birmingham-street, and is arranged inside a short distance of two railroad stations and the ends of four tramway frameworks (Bevilacqua and Pasquale 18). The style of design is Italian, of the Renaissance time frame, and the material of the rise is red block, with earthenware dressings. The oval boards' postures of the art is an unmistakable show of the showing of the facade that is engraved in overlaid Shakespearian citations.

The public amenities in Dudley Square are second to none. The extension is true for the whole of Boston. the square enjoys improved parking for riders and motorists. Also, there are detailed parking and loading sections for the large motor vehicles (Bevilacqua and Pasquale 15). The increased efficiency of traffic management buoyed by the inclusion of digital cameras and updated square maps for all visitors. My visit to Dudley Square remains the most memorable trip of the year.

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