Essay Sample on Museums: Preserving Our World's History & Culture

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Date:  2023-01-30


Since the first museum was established in Alexandria Egypt in the 3rd century BC, their role in society, world history and social culture have spread to all corners of the world today. The general role of museums can be narrowed down to the collection of items/objects that are considered important relics of culture, religion and history of the world and all species that inhabit it. The preserved artifacts can be used for purposes such as education, research and enjoyment when presented to present generations (Sandell, 24). This role has expanded to include other aspects that involve maintaining peaceful coexistence in the society, nurturing talent, providing revenue to governments, local authorities, or private entities, among other roles that include showcasing emerging technological innovations. If modern-day museums are to fully achieve all these roles, they need to be well funded and supported by the governments (Fleming, 110). This essay aims to demonstrate the importance of museums and their social roles and how government funding and support will help them achieve the functions for which they are intended.

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The metropolitan art museum is a perfect example of a modern-day museum that serves all the purposes that a museum should offer. The museum is described as a 3d dimensional piece of art with over 2000 works of art that bring the mind to its most fabulous imagination. "It is a collection of collections." It is located along Central Park and is about 1000 feet long. It was founded in 1870. The Metropolitan Museums of art know as "The Met" has attributed to well over 139 years of influential art known to humanity. The museum not only serves to educate present generations but also acts as a medium of connecting people of different social, religious, political, financial backgrounds. However, just like any other museum, the metropolitan museum faces numerous financial huddles (Sandell, 24). Even though visitors are charged an entry fee to the museum, the funds are not enough to maintain the delicate artistic artifacts that the museum has preserved for years.

The social role of the museum can also be amplified by the fact that they mirror previous events in society and draw the attention of people towards positive change and development (Fyfe, 33). The met has to be able to attract it, visitors, to be able to stay over, over 1700 works from colonial time to the present day. Present generations can relate to the items that relate to previous events that divided society and come to terms with them. Thus museums can be regarded as crucial agents of peace, democracy, and transparency and society (Sandell, 24).

After a critical analysis on the importance of museums and their social culture, one can conclude that governments should morally and financially support them as they have proven to be indispensable partners in societal growth and development (Fleming, 108). If the necessary support is provided unto them, they will be able to adapt to the current changes in globalization associated with modern society (Fleming, 107). Additionally, governments and society should understand that moral support to the institutions will go a long ways towards providing a platform where everyone in the society can interact without fear of persecution or reprisal. Present-day artifacts displayed can be used for the betterment of society.

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