Evaluation Essay on HR Strategy of Company

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Date:  2022-04-07

Mission and Values of Company

  • to bring to availability in the market affordable parts in a manner which is timely, that is when the customers need them.
  • to maintain respect for the associates and keep the momentum of teamwork and pride flying high.
  • to enhance that the community grows desirably while maintaining harmonious relationships.

The Company Strategy

The company has short term, medium term, and long-term strategy, but following is the strategy of the company at large for the next three years. The company's strategy is to retain the available workforce in the market as well if possible to bring in additional expertise; this will help the business to grow in their services and products produced.

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The HR Strategy for the Next Three Years

Different departments of the organization are strategies enhanced, which are then summed up to bring the wholesome strategy of the organization. The HR department strategy is to get searching for incentives for the newly found and seasonal partners who might be required to stay within the company. It is crucial to fetch for ways that will favor and work to the advantages of the all the types of partners that can be available.

Description of Who They Hire

The company hires competent and experienced employees in their line of work. It is the skills of an employee that give them an upper hand to be in the venture.

Position description and the number of employees currently in those positions. The requirement for each position, Description of at least three positions:

The company hires a range of employees; they range from engineering, human resource managers, accountants, manual laborers and others.

There are around thirty engineers in the company, ten human resource managing officers, and four accounting officers; there is also a large group of manual laborers who help in the transportation and packing of the molded injectors.

Requirements for the Three Significant Positions in the Company


  • they must have a degree in management studies.
  • must have worked in the line of the industry for at least ten years.
  • must have a good record in previous workplaces.
  • must have a transparent career record


  • must have a degree in engineering, plastic related course.
  • must have an experience of about five years.
  • must have an efficient work record.
  • must have computer knowledge in CAD


  • must have a degree in accounting or finance
  • must be experienced for more than ten years
  • must have a clean record in the line of work
  • must be well equipped with sales and purchases
  • must be familiar with the usage of Microsoft packages.

The Company's Hiring Philosophy

The hiring policy of the company goes with merit.

There are no cases of biases that are incorporated, no nepotism, no corruption nor favors used, the people entrusted in this segment ensures maintenance of the fairness quality.

A description of the hiring of certain types of employees:

There are certain conditions for hiring employees as mentioned above, for example; an accountant must needs equipment with extra skills in excel and access packages, an engineer requires computer knowledge of CAD and managers must have an added qualification in CPAs.

Description of the Company's Culture KSAOs

The company is rigorous in its hiring process, not only do they need the people with degrees in the field they are required to work in, additional characteristics are essential. That is why the company's performance has been something to brag about always. The competence found in this employees can be traced from the features required during hiring.

PlanningNo rigid plan dependable on always, the policies in the company vary each day. Thus, today there might be so many people in the industry, on the other hand, tomorrow they might just be a few. It depends on the functioning of the company each day. On a particular day, the company might be in need of hiring 20 workers, tomorrow none.

It is not right for the company which needs to make strides ahead. For a focused company, there need to a standard number of employees required through a set plan. Thus, the company will not have to wander looking for employees when they are necessary. Hence, in my opinion, it would be wiser to establish a stable employee base who are available on the requirement, it enhances stability. Otherwise, it will reach a point when the company will run short of employees, and it will mean a drawback in the business.

Method for Determining the Requirement of Positions

One's academic qualification defines the elements of a place in the company. Thus, one will be required to have a degree, a diploma or something above that to earn a job that they applied for prior. Without the academic papers, any white collar job rendering in the company will not be possible. But things are different in the laborers' section. The manual laborers just require the energy to work and not much of an academic career.

In my opinion, it is right to check on the academic performances and papers of the employees required, but that is not the primary issue. In the current day generation, the education system is not enough to guarantee a proper output. While education is one thing, skills are something far much different. Most of the people have gone up to colleges and universities, but the quality of work that they offer in the workplace is not sufficient enough. Thus, looking just at the education qualification is not the ultimate solution. One thing that the management can be dependent on to recruit an employee is the level of experience and recommendations from previous employers. When one has gone through some organizations for some years, it means they have learned to handle things that a starter would not be able to, in another matter, recommendations from prior employers' shows trustworthiness and transparency of the employee in question. At no point will the employer write a good recommendation letter for an employee who was not cooperative.

Recruiting Process

The recruitment process in the company is through running advertisements on the internet; they can also be done online through the company's Facebook account. If not online, then the company opts for local magazines to post their job vacancies.

The above methods incorporated by the company are a success. It is because those who are informed can pass the information to others with the required qualification. But the problem comes in that; the data will spread to just a few people and may not even reach the desired or those who have the right qualifications. Local newspapers which only go to a small region might not be of help; it means that the information acquired will not be of benefit to many. Then about the Facebook page of the company, only those who are close to the company will be able to reach the information, this is because just the people around the company might know of the existence of the page. The internet ads do better in the modes that the company uses. So in collaboration with the ads on the internets, I would urge the company to use news platforms like televisions or even radios. The platforms might be expensive, but they are worth the sacrifice, it is because the information will be able to reach a large group of people and earn the best employees in the market as a result.

Web Pages Usage for Recruiting

The company has two online platforms, both a website and a Facebook page. The two are used to post open positions in the employees' sector. They also display information that is relevant to the partners of the company.

It has been a good strategy by the company's management to try and cope with the digital pace of the modern day generation. Without some of this online platforms, it would not be possible for the organization to reach out the world. Many of the companies that regard themselves to be international as per now have made it to that due to the power of the internet. When a accompany wants to share their services with the rest of the world, they just upload the information on their websites and their social media pages. If the platforms have great follow-ups, then it means that the products will be able to earn a large market, not just internally but also externally to the Diasporas. Though even with the positives, there is a room for improvement, some of the associates like the casual laborers might not be able to locate this internet sources, so it would be wiser even to incorporate other methods like text messages which have no inclination towards the online platforms.

Resumes, Applications, Reference Checks and Initial Interview Usage for Selection

The above's usage is in the screening of the applicants. Through the resumes and applications, the interviewers can be able to tell what person they need. These documents are required to be sent earlier so that there can be an explicit check on all the details; then it would be easy to tell if the applicants possess what they said they had on paper, or it was just but theoretical literature written.

It greatly helps the organization in making sure they get the employees of the highest class. An improvement is possible only on the interviewing crew. They should make sure not to just look at the papers when the applicant comes in place; they should make sure to discern that whatever written on paper is installed in the applicant. It is because, not at all times will paperwork be enough, and the skills on the table will be more important to work with at any time.

Evaluation of Selection Method

The assessment of the selection method is more often done depending on the vacant position. So engineers and accountants may have different means of selection. Precisely the selection method is evaluated in random, though there are some necessary skills that almost everyone is evaluated on, this includes basic math skills, can read and write too and the ability to follow given instructions.

In addition to what the company does, it would have been better to set a standard evaluation method. It would enhance that no employee is set to be favored by the methods used. It would mean equality for all.

Subsequent Interviews and Test Used for Selection

This interviews are done with the vice president and also the manager of the department that the applicants are looking to come into next. The interviews are done to enhance professionalism in the career.

Adding to the subsequent interviews, it would be wiser if a crew was used for the interview to enhance the diversity of questions. It would make the applicant's knowledge tested more broadly. A crew would also suit the cases where the applicant might have a close relationship with either the manager or vice-president. If the applicant is close to the management, they will have the upper hand with the current system.

Selection Process

The selection of people is premised on some things to enhance the best into the company. The making of choice based on, the history records in work, the education levels, notes taken in the interview and the testing results.

These are good ways in the interview approvals; it is because the list encompasses of almost all that is needed to ensure a competent employee. If they pass the interview, have a good work history and then can be able to produce papers of the necessitated education levels, then it means they are ready for the job. Adding to that, something more should be done to improve the p...

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