Evaluation Essay on CompTech Computer Repair Shop

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Date:  2022-06-21


Since CompTech computer repair shop will be just be beginning its operations, marketing will be important to it prospering and become profitable in future. The shop provides a place where people can have their computers and laptops fixed of the various hardware and software issues. The basic market need for the shop is a place where people can take their computers field of the various hardware and software issues that arise in their day to day operations of the computers.

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Market Description

The target market for CompTech computer repair shop comprises of active computers users between the age of 25 and 45 that use computers for their various day to day activities. These individuals may not be computer experts but use the computer to perform various tasks and thus the need for CompTech to offer repair services to them. These active computer users represent a demographic group of highly educated and successful individuals with high income and thus can afford to pay for the computer repair services (Samli, 2014).

Product Review

At CompTech computer repair shop, services concerning computer hardware and software will be offered. Such hardware fixing services include general cleaning of computers, repairing spoilt hard disks, speakers, keyboards, motherboards and all other tangibles within a computer that might not be functioning well. On the side of software products that will be offered at CompTech shop include, installation of soft wares, games as well as specific programs that a client may need. Also, products such as new computer accessories will be offered at the shop for those customers that would like to fix them by themselves.

SWOT Analysis


Provision of a variety of products and services under one roof provides the potential for many customers.

Experienced personnel in repairs and general computer operation problems.


Inadequate experience in running a service business.

Inadequate experience in marketing of computer repair services.


Large market

A fast-growing market as people gets to use the computer due to the digitization of many operations.

Consumer demand for specialized computer repairs and accessories creates a demand for computer repair services and accessories.


Strong competition due to the existence of many shops that offer similar services

There is a possibility of entry of new business in the market.

Objectives and Issues

CompTech computer repair shop has a number of short-term and long-term objectives as well as issues that it is struggling with its operations.

First-Year Objectives

Introduce two product lines- computer accessories and sale of brand new computers.

Introduce the door to door provision of their goods and services to give customers personalized services and products at their homes to save them the hassle of bringing the computer to the main shop.

Second-Year Objectives

Increase revenues by at least 50% in the second year of operation.

Develop a successful internet site while making sure that there is a strong relationship with customers to sell its products online so that it can beat its competitor shops that have not ventured into online selling.


CompTech shop is still in the speculative stage as a retail operation and thus its vital issues include building brand awareness and continuing to moderate the fiscal approach to business operations that will drive new customers to seek the services of the shop (Armstrong & Kotler, 2016).

Marketing Strategy


CompTech computer repair shop will position itself as a computer and accessories shop that is reasonably priced and that which has an innovative and competent way of dealing with computer hardware and software issues (Matsushima & Pan, 2016). CompTech Computer repair shop is unique due to the fact that their business model concentrates on giving services and products that go beyond just fixing the computer issues brought forward by the customer but looking for other problems that the client might not have noticed.

Product Strategy

CompTech computer repair shop offers computer repair services as well as computer accessories that are of high-quality. Upon the provision of our services, we give the customers' business cards that they can share with their friends to ensure that customer base increases (Matsushima & Pan, 2016). We have researched the most sought computer accessories and services that we have included in the business card to ensure that customers become aware of those computer issues that have been disturbing them previously. We also plan to expand our products line by introducing new computers and laptops to those customers that feel that the ones they use are outdated and each of these computers will bear CompTech logo to make sure that our business is advertised.

Marketing Communication Strategy

The most successful advertising of CompTech products will be through the use of business cards that will be offered to new and prospective customers. Strategic relationships will also be developed with advertising companies as well as the use of the grass root promotion that will include the door to door service and product provision (Armstrong & Kotler, 2016).

Market Research

During the initial phase of developing the marketing plan, various focus groups were considered to get insights into a variety of prospective customers. The focus groups gave useful insights towards the process of decision-making among the customers (Armstrong & Kotler, 2016). The feedback system based on a suggestion card system was also an additional source of market research that enabled customers to rate the level of services that they received from the shop through answering the variety of open-ended questions in the card. The suggestions in the cards will be implemented by CompTech to make sure that customers leave satisfied with the services and products they receive from the shop.


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