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Date:  2021-03-03

My essays lacked transitional words and phrases. Transitional words and phrases create a flow that builds continuity. Transitional words and phrases aid the reader to discern where points end and where a new one begins. An essay that uses transitional words and phrases properly makes it easy for the reader to not only understand, but also enjoy the writing. My essays need to have words and phrases that guide the reader from one paragraph to another and from one idea to the next. Without transitional words and phrases, the essay is just a block of ideas that cannot be easily distinguished.

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Punctuation is an important aspect of essay writing. Without punctuation, it would be difficult to understand essays. Some paragraphs in my essays lacked proper punctuation. There was misuse of commas. Commas in the wrong place create a misunderstanding and hinder the flow of ideas.

Essay writing needs careful attention and planning. There are important aspects in my essays that were missing, probably due to inadequate planning before writing. An essay needs an introduction with a clearly stated thesis statement that shapes the path the essay will take. Paragraphs also need to take definite shape of their own to avoid repetition. In the essay, it is important to have transitional words and phrases that contribute to the flow of ideas and act as a literal guide for the reader.

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