Essay Sample on Women Education: Traditional to Modern

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Date:  2023-01-04


In traditional society, women were educated privately. Variety of practices influenced the choice of education of women as well as the way schools, and the curriculum was organized. How the women are educated in modern society, vary from the traditional setup. Both in the traditional and modern society, women education aims at tailoring women towards securing different forms of accomplishment. The outcomes of educational practices characterize the efforts of women at work in both traditional and modern society. Also, both in the past and modern society, women with a high degree of education are assured of work as well as other privileges in life.

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In the past, the culture determined the women's educational attitudes, policies as well as practices. Women were not allowed to compete with their men counterparts and were taught to be submissive. As a result, education for women was made private to ensure that they acquire knowledge without open competition between men and women. However, the ideas have changed and evolved with a collective process that has led to women to stand today.

Discovering the Humanities helps students see context and make connections across the humanities by tying together the entire cultural experience through a narrative story-telling approach. Written around Henry Sayre's belief that students learn best by remembering stories rather than memorizing facts, it captures the voices that have shaped and influenced human thinking and creativity throughout our history. With a stronger focus on critical thinking, and coupled with the new MyArtsLab to personalize learning for each student, the second edition enables students to deepen their understanding of how cultures influence one another. It also shows how ideas are exchanged and evolve over time, and how this collective process has led us to where we stand today. (Sayre 24). The women in modern society are entailed to attend school and acquire equal skills with their men counterparts as opposed to the traditional setup.

Since women were seen as inferior in society, they were educated privately and were not allowed to attend university education since it seemed as difficult for women. With the women in modern society appreciating the value of education, they are offered equal opportunities for education hence attend university education like the men.

The modern society has seen women change their attitude towards education. The transformation of women in contemporary society affects opportunities to be educated public and allowed to attend university education. Unlike in the past where women were known to be educated privately on the matters of the family and necessary skills, there is a change in modern society with the education of females well established. Several reforms are implemented in schools to ensure compulsory education for women.

Work Cited

Sayre, Henry M. "Discovering the Humanities." Always Learning, vol. 3, no. 1, 2011, pp. 1-25.

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