Paper Example on Native Americans Face Homelessness: The Story of Jackson Jackson

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Date:  2023-09-19

Homelessness is an issue of great concern today in the United States, and it has affected the minority groups mainly. Those who have been affected mostly are the Native American communities, as evident in the story of Jackson Jackson, who lives in Seattle. He is an excellent example of a person who has chosen to live a homeless life, and this has raised many questions regarding the homelessness problem. This has resulted in a concern to have a clear understanding of the challenge and the measures that need to be done to lower the homeless people. In this case, the focus shall be on how best the problem needs to be solved and eradicating the suffering experienced by homeless people.

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Homelessness has an impact of anger on the affected individuals in the communities. Most of the time, people who are homeless look bored, and thus they are sad just by looking at their appearance. Jackson is an example of the people who have been affected in the United States. In this case, homeless people have some common signs that can help one to identify them quickly. They are pity just by a look on their eyes as well as an aspect of fear. Colonization has a connection with the case of homelessness as new settlers were able to join the other setters in the American land (Johnson and Watson 212). At this point, the Native Americans ruled over the area. The coming of colonizers in America had a significant impact on civilization patterns and indigenous people's culture. The Natives were forced to join new religions that they had no idea about to cope with the original settlers in their community. This resulted in the Native Americans being pushed to the reservations, which are widely known today. This information is available in the books of history of what took place during that period in time. There was an organization called Indian Housing Block Grant, which the main objective. The organization has oscillated from the time it was started back in the year 1998 with an increase in the monetary value. There have been some challenges that have resulted from the organization with many injustices to the people. The organization had capitalized on the aspect of cheap labor during the building process (Morton Matthew et al. 18). The organization may have resulted in conflict by the people because of the land issue and other resources.

Although homelessness affects a good number of the Natives in America and requires special attention to ensure the issue is addressed. Homelessness has been a real problem for the Native American communities (Timmer, Doug, et al.). Other people live with their family members and even some friends. They need to be helped to ensure they have decent homes, which will improve their lives much better (Fusaro, Vincent, Levy and Luke). This is an issue that needs to be addressed and help face the challenge, which has affected many of the Native Americans. We need to be concerned about the problem as it affects different people in various ways.

To deal with homelessness, we have to be innovative and come up with the best solutions to the problem. Homelessness has facilitated an increase in mortality rates as many people have died due to health complications. Homeless people are exposed to a high risk of suffering from physical illness, and thus their life expectancy is reduced. In this regard, we shall discuss some of the possible solutions to homelessness in the United States.

To help address homelessness and find a lasting solution, all the actors have the responsibility to work together and find a solution. One of how the problem may be solved includes people joining hands together and helping homeless people. This is possible when people form groups and work on a mechanism where they can build houses for at least two people every month (Kushel 213). This may be a small effort, but as time moves on, it provides shelter to some, and thus, the number of homeless people moves down. This can be a significant step if many people are focused and willing to team up and work hard towards building these houses (Heerde, Jessica, et al.). Sole responsibility to help one another, and by doing so, people shall be providing adequate solutions to the problem.

The government can provide a solution through building houses for the citizens. Homeless people can pay back the money in small proportions until they fully pay for their homes. This is possible through imposing a small amount of interest, and in the end, many people will have to have access to housing (Pedersen et al.). This approach at the end of the day is cheaper as instead of paying the rent, the same or less amount of money will be used in the repayment of the houses. The government will have helped its citizens in a significant way and thus have played an essential role in addressing the needs of its citizens.

The mortgage companies can build many houses that the citizens can afford at fair prices. This will help to offer some solutions to the high number of housing deficit in the country and thus ensure the American people live a healthy life (Pedersen at al). The organizations have the responsibility to provide solutions to the housing problems in the United States and improve the lives of the people. This can be done with a little interest as the houseless issue is addressed in the country. In this regard, it is of the potential solutions to the problem of homelessness in the country.

Some of the most critical factors that need to be addressed when finding the solutions to the problem include the affordability of the houses by the citizens. The entities that are involved in the construction need to establish homes that can be paid by many of the citizens without much struggle. This is because the citizens have other concerns that they need to address, such as different basic needs like food. The entity in charge of building these houses needs to have a clear understanding of the type of homes that the citizens need. In this case, it will be of much help in addressing the problem from a sober position. This will minimize the chances of building houses that do not meet the needs of the people. In this regard, it is essential to address the factors that are of importance to help in addressing the needs of the citizens.

In this case, the best solution, in my case, is for the government to provide affordable housing to the citizen. This project can be done starting from the most affected members to the least. This is possible as the homeless people will have to be giving a small subscription until when they can fully pay the house. Once one has finished the payment of the house, it becomes own property. This is the best approach in my case as it will help protect the citizens from much suffering, such as high mortality rates due to lack of housing. It is the government's responsibility to help its citizens, and by doing this, they will perform their duties.


In conclusion, homelessness is a global challenge that has affected many people negatively. It has resulted in early deaths as some of the people have had to spend their nights in the cold. Homelessness may facilitate in a big way the committing of other forms of crimes. A god example is a pregnant girl who is homeless may consider taking action, such as committing abortion. Homelessness is not only a challenge to the American nation by many countries around the world. In this regard, there is a need for all countries to focus on the best measures to ensure that the challenge has been addressed and thus improve the lives of the people.

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